thoughtless violation of ownership

What is ownership? What is it that belongs to you? And if it is yours, can anyone take it from you against your wish or without your permission? Or can anyone, through a show of hands, that they are the majority, thus they decide against your property or interests? Or can the govt legislate anything it wants from you? The truth is that all these is happening right in front of us. And Singaporeans did not even have a second thought whether it is right for such things to happen. A very good example is an article in the newspaper by a writer, Nelson Quah, suggesting a mandatory deduction of $2 from all employees to set up a fund for the poor. And this is not the first time Singaporeans are suggesting such a measure with no respect for ownership. Whose money? Who does all these Singaporeans think they are to decide to take someone else money or property because they think it is for a good cause? Just legislate it and it becomes legal. Look at what is happening to our CPF? It is perfectly legal. It is also your money, or maybe not now.


Anonymous said...

I think $1 is already deducted from your salary to CDC or SINDA or MUIS? (Malay) .. that's involuntary robbing (i won;t call it donation). Legislated already right?

redbean said...

within certain limits, we need a central body like the govt to legislate for the good of the majority. but don't get carried away and think that the people's money is for the govt to decide what, when and how to spend them.

how can the govt legislate in the hundreds of thousands of the people's money in the cpf? but then the people are not objecting. i can only make my little noises now and then.

if it is ten or twenty thousand, maybe still tolerable.