teach the indons the fine thing

Now Indonesia is angry with Singapore for raising the haze problem at the UN. To the Indonesians, haze is a domestic problem. If only they can keep the haze under wrap an not share with their neighbours. Just like smoking is a personal habit, but don't exhale after inhaling as your neighbour will have to share the secondhand smoke with all its leftover nicotine plus your bad breath. (Where is matilah? Please don't tell him I say this.) And Indonesia claims that it has all the expertise which in this case they must have kept it and not telling the world. Lets hope they will use their expertise to stop the haze fast. They must have mustered the skill and concealing it all these years. So generous of the Indonesians. Like kungfu masters. Actually the easiest way is to borrow Singapore's fine formula and the Indonesian govt will be laughing to the bank. Just introduce a fine system and make the plantation owner pay and pay. For the small farmers, a smaller fine will do. Anyway their little fire would not have cause so much smoke. The small farmers are not that good at creating smoke screens.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, that's an effective idea. The gov can earn more money while putting the blame on the people. Yes, this is the theory of PAP. PayAndPay. But beware, unlike the obedient Singapore "dogs", the indonesia will definitely raise riots and rebel.If PAP want to show superiority, why not send their children and themselves to live in Indonesia to help implement the PAP's rule of integrity system there.

redbean said...

that's true. but if the indon govt is smart, just go after the plantation companies where the money is. don't go after small farmers.

abao said...

RedBean, they do have a secret weapon. Called the monsoon rains which appears every November to Febuary.

redbean said...

actually their secret weapon is the fire starters. how else are they going to get a satellite for free and free dams and more financial aids from their asean neighbours?

Anonymous said...

one don't play with something they own or has stake on. A lot of plantation companies will most probably has stake with gov figure. Penalizing the companies is as good as shooting on own's foot. Yes, i won't not be surprised if the gov figure hold high stake and pos in these companies like singapore GLC.

The small farmer considered small fly are much easier to get money from and the farmer does not know those relationship of gov with plantation companies to raise issue with.

redbean said...

you got a point there.

and it is also that much easier to squeeze neighbouring govts who are eager to please them.

what we have done to bring the issue to the UN is the right thing. leaving it to them you can wait for another century and nothing will be done except lip service.