talent schools not for nerds

The fallacy of good academic grades The Arts School has clarified that an express stream grade is only a guide and not necessary a prerequisite for admission. Somehow there is this obsession that everyone must have good grades in order to have talents. So Beckham, Owen and all the footballers in the English and European Leagues and Singapore league, please do not apply. And all the pop singers, dancers and actors and actresss, also don't apply. We will call you. I thought god is just being fair by giving academic talent to the nerds and artistic talents and sports talents to those who are not academically gifted? But what can one expect when Arts and Sports schools are managed by academic talents? If I will to set up such a school, I will make it a point to sack all the applicants who have good academic grades and take in the real talents in the respective fields. Better still to make those with good academic grades feel unwanted in these talent schools. Talent schools are for specific talents and not for nerds. This is elementary.


Anonymous said...

Singapore doesn't need talent. They need stupid ppl with good grades.

redbean said...

i am puzzled.

my contention is that there are different kinds of talent that have nothing to do with academic grades.

fandi can dribble the ball around 11 supertalents and make each one gasping for air.

redbean said...

it would be interesting if these talent schools advertise in the papers that those with good academic grades need not apply.

now that will put the right talents in the right places.