steve job said

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." Steve Job


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, your quotes actually is only used by LKY, LHL, HoJinx.

redbean said...

true to a great extent. but everyone can apply this to their lives. either we take charge of our lives or others will take charge of us.

there is a conscious choice whether to stand up and say our peace or not to do so. and it is important to take ownership of our views and do what we think is right or good to ourselves and not to others.

it is not just being discriminating and discerning, but let people know as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean,
I have invent some new terms that fit Lee, PAP. It is because of defamation possibility that I must change term to mean others thing. I hope one day, these terms find its way to wiki, and make Singapore proud, especially the ruling party.

There have been unhappiness around with ppl accuse PAP, gov of nepotism, misusing public fund, corruption, wayangness. I think Singapore pap, gov doesn't deserve these term, I think they deserve something better and nicer, which actually has their name and legacy as part of the new word. I sure Lee, Redbean, Pap, and Singapore will thank me for future to come when these new terms become permanently acceptable as like GST permanent increase. It is very simple new term but give more honour and respect to PAP, Lee's respective family. So here it is, and hold your breath:

GahLoongKing = kelong King

Leerupt = Corrupt
Leeruption = Corruption

HowToUseTheTerm for Dummies

The last election is last won by the GahLoongKing who give carrots to all Bug Bunny in Singapore.

We have new form of corruption which cannot be called corruption in Singapore because of defamation and insult to Lee. Rather we should say our country will sooner or later be LEERUPTED and money end up in Lee's pocket.

Finally, hope Redbean, u like what I invent. It actually come from sudden inspiration that "can stand scrutiny, and no one doubt that" , and it come from God.

Happy using the words for Redbean and republic of Singapore.

I love you all, and I sure you all love the new words even more.

Anonymous said...

And Redbean, u might like to trademark the terms into your blog because I have google the new terms, and no search return.

You have my honour to use this terms unconditionally, and so do others.

Use it to spread the word of how PAP, LEe "has help the poor and needy". These new terms will come in handy, and the world appreciated that.

Long Live PAP, Lee's family.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

language is a living thing and can morph overtime. i remember a hk movie of a top cop called lee rock or something like that. actually it is a english version of his chinese name.

your post strikes me with a nice term, leepublic of singapore : )

redbean said...

Singaporean reflex actions

What happens in Parliament will generate a few simple leflex actions, oops, I mean reflex actions, from Singaporeans. Any policy changes or proposals by the PM or any ministers will immediately be pounded on by the Opposition MPs. The ruling MPs will either keep quiet or say aye. And the NMP will express their reservations. No thinking required.

And in cyberspace, the reaction is expected. Opposed and opposed, and no thinking required either. It is all a simple leflex or reflex action.

Anonymous said...

yes, Redbean,
in parliament, it is known as leeflexed. (means directed towards Lee's ideology)

In cyberspace, it came to know as oppflexed. (means directed towards oppParty/Commoner/layman's life)

Redbean, we invented new terms again !!!!

Anonymous said...

I will ask my son and daugther to study hard to join PAP because making money there is no brainers!!!!! Just say Yes for everything, and 10 of thousands dollars of taxmoney go into the pocket. What's a good life we will have then !!!

Cannot blame me, just blame on the Singaporean's cowardice and chicken attitudes. And finally blame elite, because the public ask for it.

Redbean, isn't that good ?

redbean said...

if i were to be reborn again, i will join the pap too.

fully agree with you.