Signs of a Nation losing itself.

Signs of a Nation losing itself. The lack of response to the Indon policeman attack on a Singaporean is a bad sign of being Singaporean. The outpouring of help, to some extent unreserved help, for foreigners, may be good for humanity eg the tsunami and the 40% bursary going to foreigners. But it is bad when viewed from the perspective that many Singaporeans still need help but help not forthcoming or with so many conditions attached. The emphasis on foreign talent is good. The opening of job opportunities to foreigners while there are Singaporeans having problems getting a decent job. The widespread littering, if mainly attributed to Singaporeans, is a sign that this is not our home any more. Nothing to do with them. Let it mess up or be dirty. Doesn't matter. The growing number of Singaporeans migrating. The growing number of Singaporeans having to work overseas when they can't find employment back home. A severing of their roots or attachments. The rapid dilution of the population with new citizens. The buying of foreign talents to win sporting medals. The glory is so fake. Then the cursing and swearing by some Singaporeans. The impatience in wanting to make a quick buck, like pre Hongkong 1997, to prepare to escape from paradise. The widening income gap and the hardlanders/elite divide. These are but some of the signs that there is something wrong with our nation building effort. When there is no pride being Singaporeans. When Singaporeans do not bother about Singaporeans and Singapore.


LOST4EVER said...

For the guy who got whacked in Indonesia... poor guy, your fellow citizens cannot do a thing...

1. If you want to go protest, the police will not issue a permit.
2. Your kids is looked after by who??
3. Indonesia just need to release 100K refugees and we are flooded.
4. Our investment in Indonesia will be attacked.

Just suay... u must have did some stupid thing to agitate the policeman with a GUN.

Our help for others, well, when our fore fathers came to this land, they were also help by earlier settlers, its just in our blood.

For the foreign talents... its a real problem... cause by none other then the 'Animal Farm' or 'Insect Nest', just go count the number of insects rotting in there.

Non talented, unconnected Singaporeans will continue to loose out to foreign talents and foreign non-talents (do u need talents to sweep the floor).

Just ask the Town Council how the cleaning & maintenance contracts are awarded, and why all the cleaners and maintenance people are foreigners, and who is keeping the money???

That also brought us to the point as to why the litering problem... its so simple... you need to make it dirty to ensure that the cleaners will continue to have jobs.

I m also considering migrating, cause my future is at stake, just ask the parents of those students who suspected that the PSLE results is rigged to favour a certain group?? Where is the transparency??

The widening income gap is getting wider, the civil service is getting a good bonus and likely a good increment... Who in the private sector is getting that kind of gains?? how many percent, which sector??? Are we looking for 20 to 30 percent turnover next year in the private sector because of this civil service increment??? a 6 percent turnover is nothing lah, means in general will take 15 years to complete a full turnover. With this increment in the civil service, we will be looking at higher turnover in the private sector, its just no good for the economy.

BTW... Anyone out there has any idea how big is the land farm in the stable, there are so much land out there collecting the ashes from Indonesia and not productive, any thoughts as to how to use them that we have such a big pool of unemployed abled body citizens sitting and waiting for a job to drop from the sky.

BTW... which is a good place to go to... anyone has any lobangs???

abao said...

I dont know what to say...

I fear we have already lost our national identity...

Anonymous said...

When you are a nation whose soul is the mighty $, this is what you get, an every man for himself, what's in it for me mentality. WHo gives a shit what happens to that idiotic buffoon. He must've done something really stupid to have caused him to be beaten up like that. I weep for Singapore.

redbean said...

it is really lost forever.

redbean said...

we talk about bonding and the fabric of a nation. people being bonded together to feel and act as one. this case shows that the bond is not there when we cannot even feel or agonise for another singaporeans being beaten up. and worst if we rationalise that he must have done something wrong and deserved to be whacked.

george bush and the americans don't think so when michael fay was being caned for breaking our law. the aussies demonstrated to save their drug peddlers. these feelings and emotions may be wrong. but it display the pride and bonding of a nation.

now this is something that is lacking here, or we are losing it.

LOST4EVER said...

Dear RedBean & fellow bloggers

In Singapore....

1. When we were young, we were brainwashed. Like ur kids or mine.

2. When we reached our teens, we see the Wee Shu Min, we see the foreign talents, we see the rigged results.

3. When we reached our 20s, we see that we were 2 years behind in the job market and got to do stupid reservist to protect 'Foreign talents'.

4. When we reached our 30s, we see that most of us are losing further when u look over ur shoulder, and start to wander. Most of us were so busy trying to make ends meet. Kids were looked after by maids, loosing touch with parents, kids, friends, some even their spouse, as most time were spent travelling, working, entertaining clients.

5. In our 40s & 50s, some of us will be out of a job, too expensive to maintain, deadwood must be disposed off. A high percentage faces structural un-employment.

6. In our 60s, we will be working at fastfood joints or cleaning the malls.

7. In our 70s, we will be dsiposed off to Batam or Johore where the cost will be lower to maintain old folks home.

Hope we all die young of overwork, so that we need not face the truth when we reach our 60s or 70s.

I m at a lost... is Singapore a Nation of just a stepping stone, a half way house??

Frankly, I do not care, cause some bright guys will make all the decision, correct or wrong, we have no say, as 66.6 percent already given up thier hope for the stupid progress package which we are all going to pay soon.

We will have our IRs. We will be exposed to greater risk of terrorist attack (remember more than 50% of 911 are of what nationalities???)

So, who breaks the fabric of the nation or do we ever have one, used to feel that I m a Singaporean once a year at National Day, but no longer??

If there isn't any, than there is nothing to loose, cause it was never there!

redbean said...

hi lost4ever,

you are making me feel depress. this is very infectious. but we must qualify such sense of hopelessness by saying that it is only a minority who feel that way. just like the hdb letter responding to the few minorities who were unhappy that flats are getting small in size.

as long as organisations serving the public thinks that way, then the minority just have to lump it.

in a way this is what we know as making tough decisions.

abao said...

Depression is dangerous...many are affected by it in some stages of their lives and in various degrees.

Its how they control their actions that makes Depression a threat or not.

Anyways, we must understand why did our fellow Singaporeans fail to respond to such a treatment from the Indon policeman.

For me, I didn't read, watch nor listen to that day's news, so I didn't know about this... ...

But for those who did read, watch or listened to the news, why did they not respond?

And did the Government contact the Indon Embassy regarding this incident?

Most importantly, how do we foster better National Cohesion between our people?

redbean said...

anonymous in another thread mentioned that we are in a 'self first' mode. nation is no longer important. he could be right.

i read that our consulate in medan has taken up the issue with the indon authority.

now would this be similar the razak baginda case?

Anonymous said...

rob Peter to pay pigs !!!