Returning kindness with hatred

I was watching the news clip on the Singaporean manager who was beaten in Medan. Looking at the video on how aggressive and brutal the attacker, an Indonesia policeman, beating up the Singaporeans for a few minutes, made my blood boiled. I felt so angry. The way the Indonesian kept hitting and kicking the Singaporean who was on the ground, afraid to hit back as the attacker had a gun in his hand, was so shameless and pathetic. It reflected the intense hatred in the attacker for the Singaporean. And for what reasons? Because they ate and drank and refused to pay. They could just walk off laughing without paying if that was their intent. But they were there to beat up the Singaporean. It was a great display of how much the Indonesians, as a people, hate Singaporeans. Forget about all the aids and how fast we rushed to assist them during the tsunami. And we even rebuilt schools and villages for them. What the shit. They have no love for us except our money. I hope the next time they asked for help, lets mind our own business. We cannot always be so compliant and trying to be nice and kind knowing very well that our kindness is seen as weakness and to be taken for granted.


Anonymous said...

generally, they are all uncivilised people. imagine, even people in high places, a minister (i think its the jungle minister) could utter such things like, we complained so much abt the smoke but kept quiet when we enjoy their oxygen.

WANG said...

They do not hate Singaporeans per se. They dislike the Chinese and basically anybody who is non-pribumi and who is rich and arrogant.

redbean said...

that poor singaporean manager is definitely not rich and neither will he be arrogant in the hotel industry and in indonesia.

the viciousness in the attack is that he is singaporean and a chinese.

so before singaporeans go dumping their money to feed ungrateful wild animals, there are many other singaporeans they can give the money to.

Anonymous said...

The unkind act of one Indonesian individual must not be use to judge the whole indonesian nation.

redbean said...

hi wang,

forgot to welcome you to the blog.

whether it is one indonesian or many indonesians, if mediacorp is kind enough to show the video clip again, as a singaporean and you see another singaporean being viciously attacked for no wrong of his, it is terribly disgusting.

and that animal, didn't he have any memory of what we have done for them?

redbean said...

Let this be a good lesson not to help when help is taken as insincere and fake.

What is more disappointing is that there was no sense of outrage among Singaporeans when their own kind were beaten like animals. We should demand an apology and the culprits be brought to justice. We demand justice for our citizens.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how Singapore has always been a stickler for all things legal and contractual, I'm surprised that the tsunami aid money dispensed to the Indonesians did not come with an accompanying contract which states that in return for this money, Indonesia is aobliged to give red carpet treatment to all Singaporeans in Indonesia, that no Indoneisan is allowed to bash up a Singaporean, heck that Indonesians are even obliged to give their backsides to Singaporeans if that is what they so ask for ? Grow up, redbean. No one pointed a gun at our PM to force him to give Indonesia any money nor ask for any such favors in return. You should look at it as an atonement or appeasement for the selfish ways we have always conducted our affairs in the region, for all the unsolicited and disparaging remarks dished out especially from one very senior member of the Cabinet in the last 40 years.

redbean said...

i don't think we owe the indons anything to atone for. we have been courting them for all these years since the time of suharto. every time they asked we gave.

they don't ask we also gave.

it is about time to reconsider whether we should continue to court them. it is like an bottomless pit and they continue to abuse us whenever they could.

better to be a goody boy to the US.