Old, immobile and lonely

Old, immobile and lonely Have no fear. Often we heard of the old and the handicap complaining about loneliness, nothing to do, nowhere to go and dunno what to do with their lives. Travelling is not only difficult because of their lack of mobility, it is also expensive. Public transport is not cheap nowadays for the retired and unemployed. And who would want to bother chatting up oldies when there are many vibrant and sweet young things everywhere? I thought meditation will be a great exercise for the lonely folks. And meditation is a great time killer for people with a lot of time to kill. But for those who insist on wanting to talk to people, to socialise, to move around but unable to, try the internet. The internet is a great tool for the oldies and the handicap. No need to spend money on transport, no need for a pair of strong legs to support the lifeless body. And no need to look good and sexy. Just sit in front of the screen and all one needs is a brain that is still ticking and good finger muscles...and travel around the world. Go places, visit the museums, countries, any place of interest, go shopping, or chat up anyone you like, even sweet young things. Just tell them that you are only 25. But need to learn a few new lingos to get them to believe. Oldies and people with physical disabilities should be encouraged to serve the net when they will be on level ground with everyone. No need assistance, no need pity, no need to bother anyone, just a few fingers. The internet can be a new world for the oldies. Who says the internet is for the young?


Anonymous said...

A forum I frequent is populated by a lot of people in their late 30s to 50s. There are also a few notable 60 year olds... I think this might be a trend in the future, as the generation that is used to the internet grow older.

redbean said...

there are basically two major groups of forumers/bloggers.

the young and their pop culture. the next group is the not so young and their past times.

yes, the computer literate oldies will naturally with time.