myth 98

Wisdom of Aladdin, Solomon and Saul Aladdin ruled Greenland with a crooked sword. When he is angry or about to cut off the head of anyone he will kiss his sword. And whenever he kisses his sword, Greenland goes white with fright. His elite ministers were all behind Aladdin and live by Aladdin’s wisdom of righteousness. And all his elite ministers were afraid to flaunt their wealth though everyone knows that they are very well rewarded in many ways. Openly flashing their wealth is a sign of having too big an appetite and were frown upon. All the people know but they could not do anything, for the elite will not change the way they are being rewarded by the system. Blueland under Solomon was different. They pride themselves as true elite. And they make no pretense about rewarding themselves. They gave themselves fanciful titles for doing nothing but paid like a king. And they made sure all their titles and high incomes are in their name cards to be flashed around as a recognition of their talents and abilities. The greater their incomes the more righteous they are deemed to be as plenty means no urge to steal anymore. The people too accept the system and pretend that all is well under enlightened leadership. They, like the people in Greenland, knew they could not do anything as the elite will not change the system to cut down on their loot. Redland under Saul is slightly different. The elite live fairly comfortably but not as wealthy as Greenland and Blueland. They were slightly better off than the people but any excesses will be dealt with by severe punishment All three lands under Aladdin, Solomon and Saul functions as effectively as they can be. All were perfect models on their own, living under the wisdom of their own rulers. Another common thread among the three elites is that they all frown upon the other’s wisdom but not saying anything.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, in your opinion which of these land do you think Singapore most closely resembles?

I have my opinion, just want to know yours?

redbean said...

ahhh, it depends on which one i choose to believe. if i want to delude myself, i will choose the most unbelieveable. if i want to see the brutal truth, i will choose want that will reflect the brutal truth.