myth 93

'Raising GST is bad for the people' According to Hsien Loong, raising the GST by another 2% will help the lower income Singaporeans, make their lives better and close the income gap. So raising GST cannot be bad for the people. Singapore has found another great formula on how to improve the lives of its poorer citizens through higher taxes. I am so fascinated by it and can't wait for the secret formula to be revealed.


Anonymous said...

this just gets better, now, the poor is blamed for the 2% increment.

redbean said...

where got blame poor people? these people are just a bit dull, a bit slow, a little drag on the country, a little burden, and need a little help.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 2% increment is the brutal truth.

and that 2% is what needed to pay for loss of ill-investment and fine !!!

Cheers to these future 2% goodo (including me).

redbean said...

we are now all in a very special situation. do we think the govt are fools? or do the govt thinks that the people are fools?

if both are not fools, who thinks he could con the other without the other knowing?