myth 90

'China is the most corrupt nation' If we brand countries according to the number of cases of corruption and people brought to court as a guide, China is definitely the most corrupt country in the world. Next should be South Korea. And the rest of the world are relatively free from corruption. Singapore can be grouped together with Malaysia, Indonesia and even the USA as corruption free country. There is hardly anyone being brought to court for corruption. Even the NKF case, the legal fraternity also pronounced that there is no evidence for corruption. At worst it is mismanagement. And the few cases of corporate honchos being found guilty in court, these are commercial crimes, like the Enron case. Not corruption at all. In the case of Malaysia and Indonesia, better still. Where got corruption? Mahathir has challenged anyone to prove that there is corruption in Malaysia. So the world is a very clean and healthy place. Virtually corruption free.

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