my god, so many complainers

My god, there are so many complainers in the papers about the smallest of HDB flats. Do these people know how good life is inside a HDB flat, especially the space they are getting? The HDB have done many meticulous studies before they came up with the optimum size of flats to suit the residence. And how can they ever think that HDB is wrong in the size of the flats? I asked the two cockroaches inside my kitchen cabinet whether they feel squashed and they looked at me in amazement. Squashed? It is like a universe. They have been running around freely and still cannot explore all the corners of the flat. It is too big! It all depends on your size and on your need as a lessee. A lessee may find it too small. But from the perspective of HDB, that is good enough. So don't argue, and stop complaining.


Anonymous said...

RedBean, cockroaches like us should complain too much.

We are not like those fat pigs with high pay and hide in gahpig office. They getting fatter and fatter not only in their bank but only in their waist, therefore, demanding fatter and fatter house.

redbean said...

come on, where did i complain. i agree with hdb ok.

Anonymous said...

There we go again, complain, complain, bitch and more complain. Singaporeans should be so grateful. They all own their HDB flats, have enough to eat and everything is done for them. They do not have to worry about anything. The MIW will handle everything for them. The size of their HDB flat has been decided by their MIW and must be the best size for them. Why complain??

redbean said...

i fully agree with you. the ungrateful singaporeans did not know how much effort have been put in to build those flats for them.

jees, stop complaining singaporeans.

devil said...

yes i agreed that hdb have tried their best as singapore land space is limited. but the pricing is high that why singaporean expect something worth. especially those without cpf contribution.even private agents stepped in to earn eg: tampines.by the way wat singaporeans own came out from
their hardwork and sweat not gifted. thats why complain comes in.

redbean said...

hi, the devil is here. just kidding.

welcome to the blog, devil.

making profit is one thing. making profit using the people's money to make more profits from the people is another thing. then there is the issue of how much profit is enough?

And there is the issue to providing all citizens a decent and not too costly place to live, and to live well and comfortable. we were quite successful in these two objectives until the money crazy sickness infected everyone.

now the lesser well off citizens are really having a trying time while the able and rich are having a roaring good time. good for the latter. but bear in mind that we need to give the less able a decent life style. and at that level, they are not demanding too much.