Many Singaporeans don't pay tax?!

Why is it that people are saying this? Many Singaporeans don't pay income tax. But tax is what every Singaporean pays. Even the unborn babies pay tax. The jobless uncles and aunties in the aged homes also pay tax. The ignorant may say that going to govt hospital is free because no need to pay cash. Just pay by CPF. But many educated and highly educated people in the MSM and cyberspace are saying the same thing. Unbelieveable! The GST is a consumption tax. As long as one consumes, one pays tax. The lower your income, the higher the percentage of tax you have to pay. If one has negative income, one pays tax in the exponentials. Imagine how much tax an unborn baby has to pay for all the pre natal care in percentage terms. The truth is that the poor Singaporeans pay the most tax relative to their income. It is the rich Singaporeans that pay the least tax in percentage terms.


Anonymous said...

GST Tax may be regressive, but as it stands, is still relatively low compared to having to pay both GST tax AND income tax like the middle and upper middle class still have to do. To add to that, the middle and upper middle class have to pay COE which is extremely high. Income tax in itself is much higher than GST on average. GST AT THE MOMENT is 5% only of consumption whereas income tax can be between 15 to 20% of income. Put income tax, COE and GST together and you'll see that the middle and upper middle class (and I don't mean the filthy rich) probably pay a much larger percentage of their income as tax than the poor do. Many developed countries don't have such a high proportion of its citizens exempt from income tax the way we do.

Anonymous said...

Poor people asking prospects from Human Resource consultant... you got any lobang?

Easy to say this say that, but when people encounter those who need help...

Ah... whole lots of hypocrites. Hahahaha... There must be people in various fields who can do something in the forums, everyday say gahmen louya... they themselves not much better.

Who neber pay tax? I even paid my marriage to see the truth of the ability of whatever. So small island, so concentrated with hypocrisy. Sigh...

Elfred said...

Ok. That was me.

redbean said...

i would be very happy with gst if certain things are exempted, eg food, public transport, b2 and c class hospital wards, school fees, medicine, to name a few. these will make life of the lower income group more bearable.

there can be some fine tuning eg though food should be exempted, restaurants should continue to pay gst. a little effort to lessen the burden of the non elite can go a long way.

and gst can go a bit higher too, 7 or 10% to offset for the exemption. and foreigners can still pay for gst in areas like public transport if need be. the low income citizens deserve a little more attention and effort from the govt. a blanket ruling is always bad.

LOST4EVER said...

Dear RedBean

The following was what I wrote on my note pad in Feb 2006.... during the Ang Bao time....

TAMMY NYP & the 2.6 billion budget deficits… Talk of the town

2 incidents happened concurrently, is it coincidental or planned??

Singapore has recently been the key search target on the internet, courtesy none other then the now famous TAMMY NYP video.

At home, the other topic has been the 2.86 billion budget deficits for a 2.6 billion dollars “AngBao”.

Makes me wander if the NYP Video was released intentionally to distract the people from the budget deficits, and forget that this money will have to come from our own pocket somehow….

To be continued….

SingaHood (Robin of Singapore)

Robbing the middle class, small “AngBao” to the lower income and fattening the pocket of the Rich.

Open your eyes… a 2.86 billion budget deficit, 2.6 billion as “AngBao” to the lower income. Who to foot this bill?? The rich with lower tax rates??? The lower income who need not pay taxes?? My friend, ask yourself, how will Singapore Hood get this money??

Robin of Singapore will have all means to recover this amount from the sheep, just wait.

To help yourself, vote more oppositions into the parliament, need check & balance.

We all work till drop, without analyzing… time to wake up and look at the whole situations, my fellow middle class Singaporeans, we can either fight back, by voting oppositions, down grade ourselves to become lower class, migrate, or continue to be milked and live like second class citizens.

redbean said...

robbing the rich to pay the poor is not really that bad if it is true. the rich have more than enough to be robbed.

but just be careful on the not so rich.

we will have to wait to see how the money is returned to the poor. seeing is believing.