littering no more

We have been very successful in cleaning up Singapore over the years until things took a drastic change lately. Singaporeans in general, except a few untrainable, have been accustomed to the non littering habit that have been instilled in them from young. Why the sudden turn of event? Have Singaporeans gone back to their third world mentality? It is pointless to tackle the problem if we failed to see the cause of the problem. Indeed some Singaporeans have returned to their ugly habit of littering. But that is not the major cause. Why are people so blind not to notice who are the littering our streets? It is not the Singaporeans but our foreign workers. Not too sure about foreign talents. Overnight, fields and playgrounds and footpaths were strewn with litters, papers for sitting on the ground, plastic bags, food wrappers, emptied drink bottles and cans were everywhere. For the situation to reach such a state, it means someone is sleeping. Someone who is tasked to do the job is not doing it. Is this a complain? To some arseholes, yes it is a complain. To the enlightened, it is feedback. And they would probably thank people who talked about such problems and start cracking. The problem is straightforward and the solutions too are quite simple. But if we do not understand the source of the problem, we are barking at the wrong tree.

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