like hell, complain you must

Is it wrong to complain? I am specifically referring to complaining about the govt? Why shouldn't the people complain or why should the govt complain that the people complain? I have no complain about anyone who does not have anything to do with me or does not do anything that affects me. I only complain about people or organisations that mess up my serenity. The people have all the right to complain when there is too much govt. When the govt's actions and policies affect the life of the people, it is only expected that the people should stand up and said I don't like your fingers in my pocket or on my back. And when policies are unfavourable or hurting the people, the govt cannot expect the people to just shut up. Or does the govt really expect that to be the case. What is more unacceptable and deserving of complaining is when the govt mess around with your life in areas that is considered private and confidential. Your private life, your family, your property and your money are yours. No one shall trespass if not invited. And if the govt insists on intruding into these areas without your permission, like hell, complain you must.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, be very careful what you write. Cannot have you fall foul of the MIW.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

i understand what you mean. but the citizens must understand and know their rights. this is a republic and not a monarchy or an autocracy.

but when a citizen complains, it has to be legitimate. spurious complains will reflect badly on the complainer, that is for sure.

the problem with singaporeans over the years is not to complain when it hurts.

but don't take the public demonstration route or break the law. it is the legitimate right of the people to complain.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

your reply has inspired me on another post. reach, feedback, or complain?