it is good to be successful

The satisfaction of being in control I was thinking of writing about the meaning of Meaness as I have talked about it in several posts. Then I thought people will be very unhappy if I called them mean. So I rephrase it to celebrate the success of successful people and try to view life through their perspectives. It is so gratifying to be in a position of wealth and power when money is no longer an issue and you are not only in control of your own life but also determining the lives of others. Living in a 2000 sq m privately owned resort and calling it home, with 8 rooms for 4 persons to share, a huge living room like a hotel lounge, a reading room, an AV room, a family room and a 50 sq m bedroom for each member of the family. Then there is a little swimming pool with a putting corner. Now that is something. And having not a care whether 8 or 10 members of the hardlanders are squeezed into a 2 or 3 room flats, what 50 sq m or 70 sq m each. And have the pleasure of telling them that they are so fortunate to have a roof over their heads. Then every year end can look forward to a 3 or 6 months bonus or a 10% increment. Now what do what these mean? 6 mths multiply by $100k per mth, that is a cool $600k for bonus. And a 10% increment will add another $10k per month. Don't want to know what the hardlanders are getting. OK give them 2 months bonus and 5% increment. Do I bother to know that 2 mths multiply by $1000 will be $2000 or 5% increment is a handsome $50 a mth? No, they are not good enough to earn more and they deserve it. And if these people are living on rental flats and paying $30, now that they have an increment of $50, must raise the rental to at least $50. Must let them know that they cannot always think of living on charity. That they must strive to work hard and upgrade. So by taking $20 from their increment will push them to want to do better. Now ain't I kind and caring to these people? I have all their interests at heart. I want them to be good and well. I don't believe there are people who are born with lesser intelligence and talent. They are just lazy only. Must keep managing them and pushing them to work harder.

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