intolerance of lesser beings

Intolerance of the lesser beings. Another case of a young female employer beating up the maid appeared in court today. Such acts of cruelty are now as common as brushing your teeth. You see it or hear about it almost everywhere when there is a conversation about maids. They are so slow, stupid, stubborn, unteachable and intolerable. Such specimens of lesser beings only deserve to be beaten or ironed or to be fed with human faeces. Are we going down the road to monstrosity? This trait of intolerance to the lesser beings, and the lack of humility, seems to permeate across our society. And if we are still not going to pull the brakes, we only have retribution at the end of the road. Survival of the fittest means the strongest have the right to feast on the weak. And when the mighty lion ages, it will be his turn to be eaten. Are we going to see stronger and harsher measures to be given to the violaters of basic human decency? The lesser beings may be slow, stupid or naughty, there is no reason to beat them or iron them or steam them. Just let them go. Send them back to where they come from.


Anonymous said...

This female employer who treated her maid badly is quite typical of the young generation Singaporeans. I have personally come across young Singaporean children ordering their maids about, scolding them and make them do the simplest of tasks like fetching a glass of water or filling the rice bowls for a second helping. I have heard a young 8 year old asking the maid for water and when given the water said, " where is ice? stupid, how to drink without ice". This episode happened in the presence of both parents who said nothing. Children scolding the maid is very common and acceptable. When these children become adults, lets hope their attitude will change for the better. If not, God help us!!

redbean said...

some are already young adults. some 18 year olds. the attitude is set. we are going to see many of these unkind and unforgiving creatures around.

for the lesser beings, god bless. just stay away from these creatures.