How to learn to love another people...the American way.

There is a Chinese saying, 'without fighting cannot get acquainted.' In order to know and appreciate another person, you need to fight him. And it seems that this is exactly how the Americans get to know the world and to live at peace with them. Before the Second World War, America was quite happy living in its own continent. Then came the war. They fought the Germans and the Japs. Today, the Germans and the Japs were their best pals. Then they fought the Koreans and again the Koreans are their best pals. They even have a lot of Japs and Koreans in America now. Then they fought the Vietnamese, and as expected, the Vietnamese have become great American friends and living in America as Americans. Through all these fightings, the Americans learn a new people and their way of life, culture and even learn their language. Now America is fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. In another 10 or 20 years down the road, America will be flooded with Afghans and Iraqis. Initially they will come as refugees after the war ends. Then the next phase will be political refugees. And then all will be Americans, living happily under the same night sky and stars. Actually the first group to receive such American hospitality are the African negroes. They are now as American as any White Americans. The group that really missed out on this hospitality is the Red Indians. Maybe too little left to be appreciated. With the impending withdrawal from Iraq, Americans better braced themselves up to receive an influx of Iraqis and Afghans into the Big Apple. And more mosques should be built quickly as surely they will come. Maybe have a few MacAlibaba fastfood Restaurants ready.

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