how to kill the SJER?

Even before the ink dries, there are all kinds of distracting voices that could derail an aggressive and promising strategy to turn Johore into a metropolis. The Sultan is saying that foreigners are dirty. How is this going to be helpful to the SJER? Cut the causeway! Another ambivalent if not counter productive statement. Would investors and Singaporeans think that they will really be welcomed in Johore? But the most destructive statement on the SJER is to claim that Singapore will stand to benefit from it. And worst if someone claims that Singapore will gain more in the cooperation than Johore or Malaysia. The thought that Singapore will benefit from any project is like the tolling of the death bell. Whether it is real or imagery, once the Malaysians or some Malaysians heard that Singapore will benefit, susah lah, how can the deal go through? The easiest way to kill the SJER is just to crow how much Singapore will benefit from it. So whoever want to kill this project, just make sure that the Malaysians heard it loud and clear that Singapore is going to benefit from it. And to hasten its demise, just claim that Singapore will benefit more than the Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

SJER will never success. Since Malaysia ex-PM, many mega projects turned white elephant, collected layers of dust, WAS claimed "WORLD CLASS".
Anyway, its not worth travel to/shopping in Malaysia, not even JB, with the damn poor security. Take a flight to KL, almost same price as I take a budget airline to Macau/Hong Kong, easy access to ZhuHai/ShenZhen, cheap shopping and good/cheap food, even better than Malaysia. With the latest news the lady went Malaysia to deliver wedding invitation card, also kena rob. I don't want my family to go cowboy town. I don't understand why Singaporean want to go there to risk their life, just to save the few $$ and UNWELCOME by all the Malaysia top people. Good Luck to their SJER. I would rather wait for our IR or travel to country that welcome us.

redbean said...

when the two irs come to life, many singaporeans will rather stay at home if the alternative is jb. i agree with you.

they still cannot get the basics right. security and the feeling of being welcome without the fear of being robbed by the thugs and the uniformed thugs are very important for visitors going over.