how old or when to get passionate?

Michael Palmer says, "Being the lawyer that I am, let me throw in a few qualifications at this point. I do not for one minute mean to compare goverment and the issues of our country with a pop concert. Nor do I suggest that we approach the two with the same mindset. But what I want to know is why are we not as passionate about the government of our country and our country as we are with things like our favourite rock or pop band or maybe even our favourite movie stars? Yes, the subjects of government and our country may be less entertaining but on the other hand they affect our lives much more fundamentally than a movie star or pop group would. So what is it that the latter has to inspire such passion? More importantly, how do we get that same passion to emerge when it comes to issues of government or your country?" I would like to ask Michael when he starts to be passionate about the governing of the country? How old is he when starts to be passionate about this?

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