help is on the way, 36 schemes!

The poor Singaporeans are so lucky. There are officially 36 schemes or assistance programmes forthem to fall back on in addition to the hundreds of non governmental schemes available. Even if I would like to help to disseminate these information to the needy I will also have problems trying to understand each of them. Now I am wondering how the less able, ignorant orlowly educated Singaporeans be able to benefit from such schemes when they either did not know that they exist, or even if they know, would not be able to understand them. And what about the helpers who are to bring these assistance programmes to the needy or to bring the needy to the programmes? Are they also conversant with these programmes? Or would they need a computer to help them to determine who is qualified for which programme? I will surely need a computer to assist me. After reading one programme I will probably forget everything when I try to understand the second programme. And there are 36 of them! By the time I read all of them I will either go bonkers or havewritten a doctoral thesis.


Rowen said...

Possible Scenario

When a poor citizen approach to request for assistance from a government agency.

Poor citizen: I need aid, I have brought my IC and my income statement and my bills.

Public servant: I am afraid that you need to fill up form obtained from XXX department and form YYY from WWW department. Then I need your MPs letter…..

After 3 weeks of obtaining the forms the citizen returns and pass the documents for processing.

He obtains a letter. You are not eligible for the grants requested…….

redbean said...

i suggest each care giver should be given a computer to input the poor citizen's data when they come for help. key them in and bingo, eligible for scheme 23!