haze ransom will travel

A ransom that will not work Indonesia said it needed US$60 million to solve the haze problem. And it is contributing US$50,000 to an Asean Haze Fund. Singapore also pledged the same amount. Immediately we can see the farce of the whole game. It only gets more hazy by the days. Now Singapore wanted the whole world to come in as it is as clear as the haze is hazy that any anti haze effort without the US$60 million ransom will not work. And US$60 million is only the beginning, the initial asking price. Hopefully some countries, for political reasons and goodwill, may want to throw in another few pennies to the cup. China, Japan and the USA may have to behave and give a token support for goodwill. And Malaysia may contribute more as blood is thicker than water. Maybe eventually they will get US$10 million for starting the fire and causing the haze and for some token effort to douse the fire that they started.

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