Have we failed in nation building?

When I saw the vicious attack on a Singaporean, James Seah, in Medan, I felt so outraged. I was incensed. The video clip aired in the news showing how viciously James was beaten, kicked, and on the ground, while his assailant, an Indonesian policeman, brandishing a gun in his hand. Under such a situation, no one will dare to hit back as the alternative will be a shot from the gun. And James' sin was to ask the policemen to pay for their drinks in his hotel. They were not drunk. From the video clip, the assailant was moving around like a hyena around its fallen prey. What irks me most is that this whole episode did not evoke any sense of outrage among Singaporeans. It just went past quietly as if nothing happened. A Singaporean, viciously attacked unjustly and no other Singaporean would mutter a word. Where is the sense of pride, of being a Singaporean, or being identified as a Singaporean belong to a nation called Singapore? Or perhaps we are too successful in welcome foreigners and helping foreigners that we no longer know who we are. Or we are all international citizens living in a hotel. Have we lost this sense of belonging as a people? Where is the demand for justice, for the attacker to be punished? Or shall we still rush over to pour our money over their heads again? The attack revealed a strong hatred for Singaporeans, some say Chinese, in Indonesia. While some apologists would say it was only one Indonesian policeman, not the whole of Indonesia. Agree. But what we should expect is that there are more than just one Indonesian policeman who did not appreciate what we have done, but hated us and would beat us to a pulp given any excuse. And what did the Indonesian govt do to the culprit? Is he being arrested and punished? I am writing this as one single Singaporean and this does not reflect on all Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Singaporeans have such a bad reputation on the international arena. They have always come across as arrogant, ill-mannered, kiasu, always want to win and most of all very rude.

What else do you expect? Polish up your image, and maybe the world would be more accomodating.

Furious Singaporean said...

It depends on perspective. From Singapore's perspective as a nation yes we have failed miserably in nation building. Just look at the lack of pride Singaporeans have in their flag, their fellow Singaporeans, their pledge and their national anthem in this anf other episodes. However, looking from the PAP's perspective, it has succeeded spectacularly, for this apathy is precisely what keeps them so securely in power; when most people vote for their pockets and *absolutely nothing else*, and when most people take no ownership and can't care less of their country's direction and development(other than its economy)

And that's whats so hypocritcally pathetic about our leaders' occasional lament that Singaporeans have no identity.

redbean said...

hi anonymous and furious singaporeans,

welcome to the blog, furious.

and they need to spend money to set up feedback or reach unit to know how singaporeans feel.

i have just posted an article on a nation losing itself.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean lack identify. But Singaporean finally worship another god just like PAP.

The god of money !!!!..

Money is our next identify that is best exemplify by PAP gahmen.

Hope David Marshall will haunt Lee until eternity.

Redbean, when you see my eye ball, you see dollar sign.

redbean said...

uh, when you see mine, remember, what you see is a reflection. : )

i also worship money god. but my money god is pint size.