happy old singaporeans

'I love being served by older workers...they have smiles from their faces that really come from the heart.' Jo Anne Lee Actually I was wondering whether to put this in the myth column, about the mythical Singapore and mythical Singaporeans, all happy, especially the young, and very happy to be served be equally happy old Singaporeans. Old Singaporeans nowadays don't retire into happy villages or be bored by highly spirited grandchildren, or a world cruise round the world to the sunset. Happy Singaporeans are those cleaning up tables and serving at MacDonald counters. And their smiles are genuine. They are so lucky. I think I will submit my application to MacDonald for a happy retirement job. And who says old workers are not wanted?


LOST4EVER said...

Makes me laugh everytime I see this statement "happy old singaporeans"...working....

I do see alot of happy old foreigners looking after their grand children in Singapore... Parents of foreign talents.

From my observations... those old Singaporeans who are in the cho-bo state seem to be happier... those who look after their grand children and assisted by maids... those who sit at parks and coffee shop sharing their fond memories of yester year... ain't that's what older Singaporeans should do, instead of fighting it out in the job market.

Shows that our system has failed badly.... u work all ur life, and at your golden age... the GOLDEN EGG did not hatch.

For those working in fast food, or hawker center, or sweeper, or continue to run a business or refusing to retire at 65, 70, 75 or past 80, sorry lah...

1. your kids did not look after u.
2. your kids have not grow up, why u don't plan properly?
3. u are those displaced by foreign talents in every aspect in the job market.
4. u still think that u are too valuable to retire.
5. u do not understand what is aging and stepping down.
6. u did not plan for old age.
7. the biggest issue, OUR system, OUR government has failed us.

Maybe a new ministry got to be setup to handle old age issues in Singapore "Ministry of Old Folks (le-ling)" as we are facing a aging population... please our forward looking government, please do something, and not always telling people to work till u die... 4 young abled body residents (not sure if they are Singaporeans... we are so multi-nationals nowadays)(2 doctors) just work themselves to death...

redbean said...

i thought asian societies would rather the young look after or serve the old.

now the old got to serve the young. nice thought actually.

when we are old and weak, we still need to put on a smile to serve the young.