goh meng seng, a little respectability

Goh Meng Seng resigned from Workers Party to take responsibility for the bad publicity he had caused to the party in the internet. It is sad that a new and young opposition party member that has some potential to make it big has to resign for this mess. Actually he should just make a sincere apology will do. I posted this episode here as this is the kind of quality needed from a responsible politician. Firstly when one made a serious mistake, it is only honourable to apologise, and if a really serious mistake, better to resign. The second point that I want to make is that politicians and politicking must be done with some integrity and respectability. Underhand tactics, character assassination, disrupting blogs and forums, making uncalled for remarks and abusing other forumers by planting people in disguise, are all thuggish behaviour and unacceptable. Let's hope that we have honourable people as politicians and political leaders. The respect and integrity of political office must be upheld at all times. And scums and scoundrels adopting tactics of gangsterism should not be allowed even in cyberspace. Whoever that are playing such games should quickly withdraw their members and refrain from such practices. First world country must have first world standard and practices, and behaviour whether in internet or in politics.


Anonymous said...

goh meng seng at least has true courage of a leader to face challenge and engage using internet and voice his opinion. This is TRUE COURAGE and TRUE COMMITMENT. It is not his agenda since he know very well, he get shoot down for every opinion he voice.

In contrast to PAP figure, who huge salary just shut them up from saying anything at all for fear of getting "hit", this is TRUE COWARDICE AND SLAVE DOG.
You can't pin down if u don't engage in first place. So in Singapore, PAP won't be gunned down if they don't do anything at all. And if they want to do, throw it at GLC so that there is no accountability and responsibility to be faced by men-in-white.

redbean said...

maybe when everyone can chat without personal attacks they will come. try to appreciate that they are people with some standing and there is no need to expose themselves to ridicules by the masses.

and if they ever come here to chat, we should continue to treat them with respect like we treat each other here.

abao said...

I'm shocked beyond words... ...

RedBean can you give me the actual link where this furore started (If you know where). I want to read and judge for myself whether what he did was "right" or "wrong".

redbean said...

hi abao,

i think it started in sammyboy forum. but you can go to ypap forum and the thread is 'WP members being complained on internet forum'.


Charissa said...

I think when one reads sammyboy forum, it must be done with a pinch of salt. There are many people there from all sides trying to gun the opposing side down.

below is the link for where this furore started (i think this is the one, hope it helps);

redbean said...

thanks charissa.

you are right that there are many kinds of animals in sammyboy and you just don't know who is who. many put on a mask and are luring or trapping others to kick at one another.

Anonymous said...

We lost a voice that speak for the people and yet people is happy to let him go. We are indeed ungrateful. We want to change the society and when someone dedicated to change it. We just gun them now and laugh. And then continue our lament against gov. What are we ??? We are the real asshole. Our mouth say that there is change needed but yet our action say otherwises. We are no difference from PAP. So perhaps we just submit our fate to this so called great "integrity" of our "very respected fuc#$#@@#ing oldman and emperor", founder of Singapore. A fox that at last show his tail when tribulation come.
And stop complaining against PAP and gov anymore, because "coward" cannot change anything and can only be tramp upon.

Anonymous said...

Wish Goh a happy future since he perhaps give up on the hopeless, ignorance Singaporean who doesn't give a damn on their future. Yes, we are country of not only of complain but also cowardice, despondent. The gov and pap is not at fault, we are at fault, since our action encourage them to think what they doing "is for us".

redbean said...

goh meng seng should just set up another party or join chiam. chiam needs new blood.

redbean said...

goh meng seng,

before you join chiam, make sure he does not have gag orders in the internet.

in the meantime you are welcome here to share your views with us fellow citizens, or in my forum. we won't gag you that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi redbean,

Yes, it is sad that Goh Meng Seng resigned. And now Chia Ti Lik.

Taking responsibility for what may have been done 'wrong' is commendable. But in my view, I do not think they did anything 'wrong'. The 'wrong' in this case could simply be because of Mr Goh's lack of grasp of the english language.

What is typed is different from what is spoken. The nuances are different. If I am correct, and from what I saw during the GE, Goh Meng Seng is more adept in mandarin than english.

In any case, Sammyboy forum is noe of the worst forums. There are so many cranks and loonies in there that I am surprised the local media has picked a story from there.

The continuing thug-like behaviour of some sammyboy forummers is just plain shameless and shameful.

Anyway, I hope the WP will carry on and focus on wha they have been doing. After all, it was their consistent hard work on the ground that has endeared them to singaporeans during the GE. So, I hope they will not lose heart over these recent happenings.

I am sure Mr Low Thia Khiang will handle these things well, despite the media trying to milk it for what it's worth.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

agree with you. i think there are more than meet the eyes for their resignations. just like ho khai leong said, you don't resign just because of a gag order or some skirmishes in cyberspace.

goh meng seng and chia ti lik should have more sense to get involved in sammyboy. they must use their own judgement to decide which blog or forum and who to engage or disengage. some of the bloggers are not there to discuss. they have their own agendas.

and for a politician, they have to be discriminating and be street smart not to land themselves into gutter fight.

but then gutter fight is so interesting and good for adrenalin flow.