giving more than gst increases!

7% GST So far cyberspace has been characterised by widespread criticisms and attacks on the govt's intent to raise GST by another 2%. The attacks were callous and at times very wild. The moderates, very few, would look at it with a lot of scepticism and were cautious about how it would turn out. Then of course there will be the blind faith followers who will just say good, good. To look at the issue from a neutral perspective without jumping the gun, the people may want to give the govt the benefit of the doubt. Wait till the details are out. Some said it will be too late. Late or never, good or bad, it is a decision the govt has to make and has to answer to the people. They can't keep getting away with things that they think are good but the people think otherwise. Yesterday Choktong gave a little hint of what the GST package will be like. He mentioned that 'the govt was likely to plough more into the offset package than it would receive from raising the GST.' Now this is something to think about. Raising $1 but giving back more than $1 to the people. Is this for real? If this could materialise eventually, and the lower income group really become better off because of the GST increase, many critics would be slapping their own faces. Then again, everyone is watching and would want to scrutinise carefully what is taken and what will be returned to the people. Whatever the formula, the left side of the equation must equal the right side. Now the magic equation is that the right side is going to be more than the left side. Where is that money coming from? Who will ultimately foot the bill? From profits or from other citizens? The other question is whether it is a one time payout but a continuous taxation?


abao said...

Heheh...if its true that they are going to give more than they receive, then it may be a one-time package with extra sugar.

Otherwise how can they earn money which is what taxes are supposed to do?

Or perhaps their investments are making enough money to supplement into the packages.

Anonymous said...

Since when those BS really manifest and become real ???

Isn't this the same GCT who confidently say that CPF restored, and isn't this person the one who say upgrading for hougang ??

Redbean, I hope that you are smart enough to detect BS. Gov=PAP=BS

that's the brutal truth !!!!

redbean said...

whether they are bs or truths or whatever, they will be judged by the people for what they said and do.

we all have our own views of people, sometimes expressed, sometimes don't.