doggie bag or ta bao

Of doggie bag or ta bao When you have over ordered for your meal and plenty were left on the table, what would you do? Ask the waiter for a doggie bag or ta bao? Many would simply ask the waiter to ta bao, to bring back the leftover food for another meal when stomach has emptied, or for someone at home to share the expensive meal. Some will ask for a doggie bag, to bring the leftover for the doggie back home. No matter if the left over is a $200 plate of gourmet food, it must go to the doggie. Lucky dog, feeding on a $200 meal from a top end restaurant. But some dogs may be of the two legged type. Still they have the good fortune of a wonderful meal. So next time when you see someone with a huge leftovers on his dinner table, just wait and listen to see what he ask for. But there will be some who will be too embarrassed to even ask for a doggie bag. It is below them to take leftover food home. Or leftover food are not fresh and should not be consumed. The taste maybe a little stale. What you ask for, a doggie bag or ta bao, will describe your background, who you are.

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