did he jump in vain

A copycat jumper fell flat on his face The Clementi MRT jumper could have died in vain. If he were a copycat jumper, thinking, or after serious contemplation, that his death could bring a windfall to his family, and jump...he is going to be very, very disappointed. So would be his loss and the family's loss. In the absence of the press playing up the tragedy, the whole episode went away just like a pee. It did not cause a stir nor did any emotions play up to pull the heart strings. There was no rush to donate generously. Neither were people dialing their handphones to donate their $5, $10 or $25. The media can play a very effective role in telling people how to act and behave. Put a few helpless and pathetic faces in front of the camera, tell a few sad stories, and people will willingly empty their tear bags and pockets. Everyone has a heart, and it is very easy to be sentimental and emotional. Of course there are exceptions who would tell anyone in trouble to get lost. Now did this jumper died in vain? Were the reporters in the Tan Jee Suan case more responsible or the no show reporters in this case more responsible? Damn if you report the story, damn if you don't.

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