The devil to the rescue

The devil to the rescue Below are some extracts from the Daily Telegraph, UK. 'In his speech at the Guildhall last night, Tony Blair presented the outline of his plan for a new settlement in Iraq....Iran and Syria would be offered privileged status in resolving the future of Iraq, even though they have previously been regarded as serious obstacles to peace in the Middle East, and in the case of Iran, the most prolific sponsor of terrorism in the West.' Aren't Syria and Iran two of the three Axis of Evil? My god, I have heard of sleeping with the enemy. Now it is sleeping with the devil! Blair must have rubbed off something from Bush.


abao said...

This probably marks the end of the good relations between Blair and Bush.

redbean said...

at the personal level they could still be good friends. but policies wise, both are fighting for their own survival. and both could be lynched if they could not get out of the trap safely.