dark cloud over parliament

I could see all the disturbed faces when Hsien Loong announced 2% increase in GST after the news programme. To announce the increase at this time just didn't sound right. When I look at the expression of every MP in Parliament today, all their expressions told a very different story. The only person who was optimistic and full of enthusiasm was Hsien Loong. For the rest, the glum on their faces was the best answer to what were in their minds. Even the newscaster Hwee Goh's expression was anything but convincing that everything was fine. A dark cloud seemed to have hovered over the whole Parliament. The forummers in cyberspace would have a lot of theories to shout about.


Anonymous said...

the PM is happy that after his family and papa make loss in Thaisin, finally able to turn LOSS INTO PROFIT. Isn't that amazing foresight they have?? Just put some stupid reasons and then new policy come out, and no one there to debate. Any loss to gov is pass on to taxpayers and company here. But once they make money, it become rewards and bonus for useless MP, PM, MM, etc. It seem to me that they conspire together very well and their elite group.

Yes, now we get screw because we do not know how many Thaisin type of companies GLC invested. Every election turn erection for us because somehow we suddenly get stun and stand speechless.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

cannot anyhow accuse people of anything lah. we need to be objective and think a little before jumping to conclusion.

abao said...


Anonymous said...

Redbean, your knowledge and understanding will have told you that our loss in thaisin is not over yet. We lost half the value, and the " imposed fine" is actually the value GLC invested in first place ? Where do get the $$$$ ??? From GST la. After the paying the fine, then they seen how to dig more money to implement their lame promise like nation wifi or hifi, helping the poor.

Lee's family say that they will help the poor. I interpreted this as helping the poor to jump down MRT track. But before jumping, please ask those jumper to wear red attire because they can return as vicious ghost to haunt the Lee's fu#$@#$Fkers.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, if the gov can implement gst so easily, what make you think this won't encourage them to try even more means to extract more money ?? Like increasing carpark, road tax, and soso, since they urgently need money to pay off investment "fine" ? It is not we negative, it is because we been too positive like been adaptable and flexible, complain but don't do anything, that those positive become center of exploitation by the gov.

redbean said...

hi anonymous 1 and 2,

i can't disagree with your conclusions. there are a lot of paper losses and shincorp is one of them. it is inevitable that people will put one and one together and get two.

as for other increases, it is inevitable also. nowadays the word invitable is like affordable. i am trying to compile a list of standard phrases used by politicians eg welfarism is bad. too much welfarism will go down the slippery road, or will bankrupt the country, widening of income gap is inevitable.... we are an inclusive society, we will help the poor but no welfarism...the list can go on and on. and stop complaining. people must be constructive and come up with alternative solutions.....whew!

Anonymous said...

it is obviously the PM has his own agenda, that not even his MP knows about ! His MP say no welfare, and then all of sudden, PM say rise GST to 7% for welfare ??? PM is obviously seeking this opportunity to seek money to recup for heavy fine for shin corp which is rumoured to be few of billions. Yes, quick thinking on PM's part and no wonder I see all the blank face on his minister's face yesterday. But RedBean, Singaporean are not educated stupid idiot. We all know very well we be exploited to believe such crappy clown's reasons.

The Lee's family and Lee himself should be ranked as the most hated persons/group in Singapore and perhaps in other countries as well for they keep lying and keep saying it for the good of people. How credibile can they be since everything they said push it for "the good of people". Yes, they should face trial like Saddam Hussein. Their sin is no worse than this tyrant.

redbean said...

for ordinary people like us, when we make a mistake, it affects one or two people. for leaders of a nation, any decision will affect millions of people, good or bad.

the karmic retribution is very serious because of the multiplier effect. let's hope that everyone will do a little good to help themselves.

Elfred said...

Maybe they frown trying to think how to say to public how gooooood the govt move is.

Maybe next election can hit 70% somemore~ who knows?

Who knows maybe people all suka GST and Wee Wee and Maliki and...?

Anonymous said...

Next election, the voting for PAP will probably be 90% because PAP will resort to playing punk after knowing that PM'clown popularity drop to 40%. Why 40% ? because of FT, gahmen's relative, friend and clown supporting PAP since PAP continue to give them benefit and elite status. I hope the oldman, the last emperor of Singapore will rest in peace then. And someone plase drive the stake in his heart because Singapore must not have vampire that came back to suck ppl's blood and money back !! If oldman is credible, he say he return from the grave to whatever pose threat to his legacy.

redbean said...

this gst can be a case of robbing the rich to pay the poor. it can be done if that is the intention.

i say if.

Anonymous said...

Either way it is bad, because PAP which act as a middle-man benefit where the rich and poor is just been scrapegoat. The problem doesn't lie with the rich and poor. The real issue is the PAP which doesn't know how to handle new economy. DingTong and DingTong until people piss off