the complaining culture

Complaining is a Singaporean culture. It is in their blood. The people only know how to complain. From the internet, the man in the street, the elite and in Parliament, we all complain. And we don't even know that we are complaining, unless we prefix it with the words, 'feedback.'


Anonymous said...

We complain because this is the best we can do since we cannot protest, cannot gather, cannot do anything if face unfairness, and most important, we complain to show that we deserve our people right. If complain can wake up the ppl and push the elite as@#$@#le, we will continue to complain.

Isn't Derek Wee's lament and many others awake the people and ask for gov to do something. Unfortunately, the action they taken is to pass new law to destroy complainers

redbean said...

i think a nicer way is not to say we complain. you put a lot of pressure onto people and people will get annoyed.

a better way will be to ask for help and assistance. better to give constructive suggestions.

if you come to me and ask me to help you, you make me feel so godly. i will definitely feel very happy to help you. : )