chia ti lik also resigned from wp

And now Chia Ti Lik has also resigned. The reason is the curb on internet postings on WP members. I fully support Chia Ti Lik's resignation. And probably Goh Meng Seng resigned for the same reason. They should get together and form a new and progressive party that is up todate with a new technological world. Trying to live the 21st century like kampong folks of the 1960s is sure to dig deeper into a hole to cover oneself up. The internet is the most advanced and progressive and effective tool that a political party in the Singapore environment can depend on. It is only a matter of how to use it and maximise its effects to benefit the party. The problem at the moment is the lack of discipline and to fall into the traps of tauntings by people masquerading as friends or innocent trawlers. As long as the politicians or would be politicians conduct themselves well and with decorum, they must not be gagged from posting in the net. Gagging people from posting in the net is regressive and living in a fictitious world of the three monkeys, covering their eyes, ears and mouths, and think everything is fine. Goh Meng Seng and Chia Ti Lik, go and form your own party with the youth of today, and capitalise on technology and the internet to push your agenda and views. Technology is a friend and not an enemy.


Elfred said...

Oh? So they have.

But they can still join back just around election to push WP on. It's just the papers.

Maybe I can join WP after those jokers clear the scene. Hahahaha... if that's Low's initiative cos that shows Low is thinking, then this party got hope.

Let's observe. WP is the party who can possibly take two GRCs down next election... and start the move towards a new era. Basically, as I said last election... the Western GRCs are looking to fall.

With internet political influence more and more influential, Goh and Chia's resignation is a good move for WP.

redbean said...

or good for pap?

what the country needs now is a progressive new party of people with a brand new mindset to meet the challenges and demands of a new century that will make the word inclusive be what it really means.

so far all i can see is mean and petty minds.

Elfred said...

Well, 周星驰's 经纪人just come to my blog. Thereby another celebrity in my list of celebrity patrons. Hehe...

Won't say much today. PAP... Mean and pettiness is just one problem of ridiculous Singapore. Anyway...

I'd soon be out of PAP, and hopefully out of Singapore. Talents shouldn't be here. Singapore's problems shouldn't be mine, not that I welcome or allow these problems.

It'd be only time when Jacky Chan and other mega stars plus more global politicians come to my blog, now already with a list of celebrities... not some peanut Singapore type celebrities.

I thank their time and attention spent in coming and leaving their kind comments. I even have MSN and phone exhanges with some of them nowadays. Hehehe...

Push on, Elfred... That BeggarBrat can only drool... The real person with a shining site is not him. And he expects me to tell... He's out of his mind.

redbean said...

sssssh, what is the url of your site?

Charissa said...


As i mentioned before, I have been following the dispute between Mr Goh and some forerunners in sammyboy and I feel that it was becoming mudslinging rather than contructive debate. There were many forerunners who kept criticising everything he said even if there is no basis for it. There was no way for Mr Goh to win them over (because they clearly think that they are right) and yet he persisted and fell into the trap. Quite unfortunate.

Therefore, I do agree with them needing to come out with guidelines.
There is a difference between engaging in contructive debate and engaging into meaningless verbal spats. I also feel that they need to make sure that their members do not fall into those traps. Moreover, there are many in forums that claim to be WP members and dish out information but one does not know if it's true or not. I think it's a positive direction as long as the guidelines are not too restricting.

When one join a political party, they must be aware that they represent their party even online. They should be responsible for what they say and not try not to damage the party's name. I feel that if they are normal citizens, they can say all they want because they do not represent any political party.

Somehow, I have a feeling that WP internet guidelines are not as bad as how the ST (They are ranked 147th for a very reasons) and PAP makes it out to be.

Before we 2nd guess, perhaps it would be good to check out what these internet guidelines are. I do hope that WP would post their guidelines on their website so that we citizens can judge it by ourselves.

(paisei, I posted this on chemgem blog too)

Elfred said...

Reddie, don't ask silly question. Hehehe... It's now not unknown in the circles of my existence. When news eventually reaches the tiny ears of Singapore Wee Wee... This loser would already be a talent to a long list of celebrities who only see my works... and... gosh... I was asked where in Singapore can I be found...?!

It is very clear I have no intention to have Singaporean sick thinking and inferior culture in that blog, which can only mean trouble.

Not I proud, but plainly just can't tell you.


A party member represents not the party in real. But a party represents what kinda people it has in collective terms. See? Like this Singaporeans also cannot understand...

If Durai-s are the majority of the party, will you say hence you represent the party? But conversely would be true.

As an element, I represent a certain part of PAP. I of one, resent some totally incompetent people in politics and ruining the lives of Singaporeans with all the Cannots when predecessors had done all, and I resent all the lousy governance and leadership within PAP, and most importantly, it's refusal, it's stubborn-ness, it's determination to maintain such ridiculous things happening, and me not kena-ed instead.

My exiting of MOE is significant in a way, Clarissa. There may be some good in PAP, but... when you joined PAP, you don't represent a PAP no matter what it has become. You are an element, that when PAP (say) change, perhaps it'd draw better people back.

You don't seem to understand higher political thinking...


Elfred said...

'...it's determination to maintain such ridiculous things happening, and me now kena-ed instead...'


redbean said...

hi charissa,
you must forgive elfred. his thinking is quite different from others and not many can appreciate his level of thinking.

ok below are the WP guidelines.

1.cec members should not participate in online forums in their own names as partisan postings can make others 'feel uncomfortable'.

2. cec members are allowed to have their own personal blogs.

3. cec members are allowed to write letters to the media in their personal capacities or to post them on their own blogs.

4. if cec members wish to make any public statements on behalf of the party, whether tothe mainstream media or on the internet, they must first clear it with the party leadership.

i feel the rulings are reasonable except for 1. i can understand the fear of being provoked and exploited by the hyenas that came in a pack, or by opposition party members posing as wp members to embarrass wp.

what they could do is to tell every member to post logically, not to degrade themselves in gutter fighting or in libellious or vulgar posts. they will be judged by their postings and if found wanting will be sacked from the party. each member then should be responsible for his own doings.

judge them by what they do and their impact on the party. gagging is not progressive.

Charissa said...

Hi elfred!

Mmm... my name is Charissa not clarissa =p

"A party member represents not the party in real. But a party represents what kinda people it has in collective terms. See? Like this Singaporeans also cannot understand..."

Well, I think a party member does represent the party and the party represents the people. Honestly, if WP was as spilt up as the US Democrat before this 06 election, they are doomed to failure in Singapore.

The MSM would hound them (like what theya re doing now), PAP members would make cheap snide remarks, singaporeans reading the MSM media might believe what was written etc. These are some of the obstacles which alternative parties,unlike the incumbant, faced in singapore.

Anyway, look at the recent WSM saga. many saw this in the light of the party WSM's father represent. The aternative meadia is now then hounding them.

"If Durai-s are the majority of the party, will you say hence you represent the party? But conversely would be true."

Actually, I would have a very negative opinion about the party as a whole. There would be some spillover effects to other members. I would wonder what kind of party would allowed such members.

"My exiting of MOE is significant in a way, Clarissa. There may be some good in PAP, but... when you joined PAP, you don't represent a PAP no matter what it has become. You are an element, that when PAP (say) change, perhaps it'd draw better people back."

I am not sure if I understood this correct. I am kind of insulted to be associated with PAP. I might respect them and support some of their policies, but that does not imply I support them. Arrgggg..... I feel kind of gross out now.

"You don't seem to understand higher political thinking..."

Haha.... I just think perhaps we are on different wavelegths lah. Mmmm.... but i do not think one is higher than the other. It's just different perspectives....

Charissa said...

Hey hey... I have just read the guidelines this morning.

I too feel that the last 3 guidelines are reasonable. As for the 1st one, I think it might be true to some extent. Again, this is from looking at those sammyboy postings, there were a few instances where forerunners expressed them apphrehension of WP members being there.

Hiaz... they might post logical things, but these hyenas are also good at tearing it up, digressing to other petty issues and trying to trap the WP members to say something wrong then they would point fingers at them.

However, I dont understand why they cannot post in other forums like their own WP one. Very strange.... but anyway, I still respect their decision.

I guess WP is semi-conservative and semi-liberal party lah. Well, considering most Singaporeans are conservatives, I am not surprised that they took this stance. At least they have they part liberal side. Somehow, I feel that what's most improtant now is that an alternative party gain more credibility and hopefully more seats next elections to ensure greater checks and balance.

Elfred said...


So you find it insulted to be associated with the PAP, so have I found numerous of them esp those below 40 the same... but if I am a member and I represent the party, I'd be an insult to you to be associate with, then.

Can you... understand what I say in this manner?

I may still be a member, but I do not represent the insulting side of PAP.


Your sarcasim is better saved for yourself.

Now you know why I don't want Singaporean involvment/attention in the foreign blog...? They would just mess things up and display their stupidity/ugly-ness to the world... as if they have not been a disgrace back home oredi.

No matter, hopefully your thinking will change. Singapore... a tiny island loaded with great problems.

redbean said...

hi charissa,

they should choose where to post and who to engage. that is basic EQ that they must have. if they choose to go to sammyboy just because it is interesting and colourful, that is what they must expect.

i do pop into ypap and it can be quite vicious too. i stay clear of the vicious and vile kind.

i only tickle elfred once in a while. but elfred must also learn to stay clear from the hyenas who are only interested in devouring him.

and elfred, a blog or forum is meant to be seen and heard. otherwise it is known as a personal diary.

Charissa said...

Hey Elfred,

Oh no. I am really sorry. I didnt mean it to come out that way.

no, I do not think it would be a insult to be associated with you. On the contray, you come across as a rational member who is doing what you think is right. Hence, I do think quite highly of you. I only dislike those that join them for the wrong intentions, think too highly of themselves etc.

Hi redbean,

Mmmm.... true true. they should indeed be able to discern where to post and who to engage. I think It's unfortunate that Mr Goh didnt pick the right battles. Hiaz.

Well, hopefully WP comes out stronger after this episode. =)

Elfred said...


To those who want to 'devor' me, they do so showing that they are just idiots and got nothing better to go but to create problems.

On the other side of me, are always the evil.


Come to think of it, I could have made a big error actually taking a card from the party... wrong time, wrong people, and now I finally have the doors opened to get out.

Let PAP be, we all know what happened. You ain't the only one who suggest members represent party, hence being a necessarily part of party's bad image.

We have too many skunks and er... Perhaps if I were to be a member later (after this PM, and comes a wiser PM), things could have been different.

There is no need to think too highly of myself, but no one can says I am what PAP dogs/gangsters/bla bla bla.

For now, we make friends online, and if you are interested, we can meet for copi. I am more interested to vent frustrations online but more focus on the foreign blog than this silly local politics the top have helped protect and encouraged (eg) by having such thinking...

PRP is coming for copi, you and Reddie why not join for a chat?

I might even show you my site where many global celebrities made/making visits? :)

Reddie might take offence but... my official site is much more hotter than here. Many noise... last posting quickly draws about 50~100comments in the period. Hehehe...

I'd show you if you promise to stay out of the blog. Seriously, I am very against Singaporean mentality and ridiculous thinking to be in that blog. Too many big names for my blog... and Singaporeans probably have disgraced themselves too much in Singapore and keep this insistence in this tiny pond. Look, even parliament is so... incredible.

So care to come for a copi?

redbean said...

hi elfred,

thanks for the invite. just email or private message me on the date and time. if time permits don't mind joing you for kopi.

jackie said...

I am not surprised with the way GMS and CTL write, the internet guidelines came into force for this reason.

Any reasonable person can see they are not carrying themselves too well. A politician does not poke fun at their internet 'constituents' like what they did.

Imagine Low Thia Kiang holding MPS and rebutting a resident who comes to see him instead of helping him.

They want to join other forumites to let go as much shit as they feel like ignoring that it may have an impact on the party. Their resignations fit into the jigsaw puzzle nicely.

Lastly, what makes you think a new party made up of progressive people turn out looking like a geek. Don't forget, the pro-PAP media is always ready to paint any white opposition party into black.

For all you know, Low and Sylvia Lim are really very progressive people.