can johore become a metropolis?

To turn Johore into a metropolis is not just hardware, cheap land and money. They will need a host of other softwares to get it really moving. They can't one day say you are welcomed and tomorrow say you are not welcomed. They can't change the law today and backdate it 5 years to strip an investor of his properties and assets. They also need the whole govt machinery to tell the investors and vistors that they are welcomed. They cannot have civil servants, police or custom officers making life difficult to foreigners or irritating foreigners or preying to take advantage of foreigners. They cannot have a place that is so hostile to investors and visitors. Investors and visitors bring money to the land. They need to be very sure that they are safe and not be robbed by robbers and govt officers. The investors and visitors need to feel that they are welcomed and not seen as intruding into other people's land.


Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

when s'porean investors smell money (esp if it's in our backyard), they'll invest in this new thing. Some will get burnt, some will make lots of money. The best thing about M'sia is that there are laws, and then there are ways to get around any of them.

redbean said...

hi blueheeler,

welcome to the blog.

malaysia has so much potential to make it big as a rich nation. so far it is being badly mismanaged to gain political points rather than economic developments.

then you have a huge system with people not having to work but being paid to live very well. all these sucked a lot of money from the system.

until malaysia can think and behave like an economic and business animal, it will always backtrack because of political considerations. they have to put the real resources to work, the talented manpower, land, and other assets, to compete like other nations do.

the SJER is a good example. even before it takes its first step, you can hear all the regressive noises. it could have taken off during the days when the golden triangle was mooted.

just my view.

redbean said...

I was once a member of Palm Resorts Golf Club. This was the finest club in probably the whole of Malaysia. When I sold if for a loss of S$10k, I got back only S$13k, I was considered lucky. Many of my golf kakis have to dispose off their memberships for free. Net loss of S$23k.

How could the finest golf club with 100% booking every weekend ended up worthless? And then frightening stories of golfers being attacked and robbed started to go around. And with all the inconveniences, and also the financial crisis, not many will want to go through the hassle.

And the robbers are just targetting the Singaporeans. That makes going in for a round of golf that much riskier.

Johore must put its house in order if its dream is to be turned into a reality.

Anonymous said...

Johore already been a metropolis for pirateware and "redlight" area. Why change it to become like Singapore that look so vibrant outwardly but in reality, been so boring, uninteresting, dull, no-sex life. Yes, ask the people of johore whether they want that to happen. No sex life = no baby = job taken by FT that produce baby.

Anonymous said...

Another country's grief and problem is another country's gain and advantage !!!!

I still frequent Johore because it is very nostagic and has historial value unlike Singapore, everything is fake and brush up to look good but then expensive. Even the oldman emperor start telling lies so distinctly and obvious that i hope to jump the mrt track whenever i hear him talk. Whenever PAP, PM, oldmen talked in TV, my room will become stink and smelly, because I fart at them.

redbean said...

wow, why like that one?

they have build such a great place and full of opportunities and if you cannot seize the opportunities you must blame yourself right?

i also blaming myself for not seizing the opportunities. i wish i am one of those who can shout loudly that this place is a land of opportunities.: )

Anonymous said...

Singapore is land of opportunities but unfortunately that kind of opportunity is eroded by PAP's appetite for $$$$$$$. Yes, everything is money. If one is so-so, not rich, opportunities seem like dead end if one wrong move. One wrong move, the next move will be MRT track.

redbean said...

i think we are more concern about the poor singaporeans cheating the system.