your obedient servant

below is a response that i posted in redbeanforum to a letter by a Damasao that overseas voting by Singaporeans was unfair. Actually the accusation by Damasao, I am not sure if he is a Singaporean, is that the system was unfair and favoured the ruling party. This is a serious allegation. He is implying that our civil servants are somehow in collusion with the govt and devised a procedure that will only allow pro PAP voters to vote. I think there is totally no basis to this unless he can prove it. Our civil servants are apolitical, impartial, honest and not beholden to anyone. They will dutifully serve whichever party that comes to power and form the next govt. And they will do their part as any obedient civil servants will do. I still remember they used to sign off as 'Your humble servant' or 'Your obedient servant' in their letters not too long ago.


Anonymous said...

Overseas voting was conceived after the 1991 election when Chiam See Tong won Potong Pasir by only a few hundred votes. Clearly, the PAP had to find a way to increase their votes marginally if ever such a situation arises again. What better way than to introduce overseas voting but only allow those who are likely to vote for them... hence the ruling that only government sent or sponsored citizens are allow to vote. This is clear discrimination. What is the point of having citizenship if one cannot vote? The same goes if a government failed to protect the interests of its citizens or failure to give citizens priority over aliens. If aliens are accorded equal rights and priority, then what is the value of citizenship?

redbean said...

no need to be angry lah. this is politics and powerplay. did i hear it is all for the good of the nation?