staying together, moving ahead?

After reading the Sunday Times this morning I must say that it is confirmed beyond any doubt that too much power will lead to arrogance and delusion. The issue of upgrading has been thrashed out during the election rally and why the people is so pissed off with the unfair application of tax payers money to serve partial politics was obvious. I thought the message has sunk in. And if not, the slogan, 'Staying together, Moving Ahead' would be a reminder of what remaining united as a nation and people means after the politiking is over. Even Hsien Loong called for a closing of ranks and be one people again. The announcement that upgrading will still be preferential and favoured constituencies that voted for the PAP is totally against staying together as one people. It is divisive politics and petty. It smacks of hypocrisy to ask the people to set aside political differences and work together as a people. What is important, and short sighted people failing to see, is that the split in voters for and against the ruling party is about 60:40. This means that in constituencies that voted for the PAP, 40% voted against. On the contrary, in opposition constituencies, there were 40% PAP supporters. This upgrading policy actually benefitted the 40% of opposition supporters in PAP wards and victimised the 40% PAP supporters in opposition wards. At a national level, when opposition only occupied two small single wards, the benefits of this policy to people who voted for the opposition is much greater as a population. And 60% of two opposition wards is insignificant. Would such a mindset bring more votes for the PAP in the next election or bring more anger and be seen as distasteful, thus causing more votes? Is the policy arrived at to win the hearts and minds of the people or a tit for tat boyish tactics, you don't vote for me, no sweet for you?

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redbean said...

We have now heard the MPs supporting the divisive lift upgrading policies. I doubt any ruling party MP will ever say that this is not good for the nation as it divides the people by political parties.

Worst is that many who voted for the opposition actually supported the PAP. And now they have to pay the price.

It looks like only genuine opposition MPs will stand up to speak for an unpopular policy that is fundamentally unfair and unsound.