staying together, moving ahead

During the election the PAP's stand is 'Staying together, moving ahead.' After the election, PAP won the votes of 66.6% of the voters. The election cries and campaigning are over and everyone has gone back towork. The 33.4% who voted for the PAP have also accepted the PAP as the ruling party and govt. The people have come together and set aside the politikings for another 5 years. It is time to remember the election calls and campaign and promises. Will 'Staying together, Moving ahead' means something to all the people regardless of political inclination or affiliation? Hsien Loong has also made his speech that it is time to close ranks and to look after everyone, those who voted for the PAP and those who voted for the oppositions. This is what PAP promised, though not sure if the inclusiveness includes those who voted for the opposition. No more divisive politics and no more 'vote for me and get upgrading,' or vote against me no upgrading? Can the people now be assured that there will be upgradings when needed regardless of constituencies and the MPs? We shall now wait and see how theelection pledge is being carried out.


Anonymous said...

They once promised to restore the CPF cuts but that never happened. What makes you think it's going to be any different with upgrading ? Afterall, they got their mandate. It won't be for at least another 5 years before they'll have to face the people again and by that time another 2/3 of the electorate would have forgotten about this broken promise and so the cycle continues.

redbean said...

upgrading on its own has lost its attractiveness. and there are some residents who are against upgrading as it cost money too.

i raise this question is to see whether upgrading will come to hougang and potong pasir, or whether they will be embraced as part of the inclusive society.