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the right to choose and disagree

While overseas in Oz and New Zealand, Hsien Loong has been comparing and answering questions relating to our political system and what the ruling party should and should not do. And discrimination in lift upgrading according to the party the voters voted to Parliament is the way to go. And so is one party govt. Hsien Loong believes that the one party govt must continue and it is good for Singapore, having seen how divisive and disruptive multiparty system is in the two countries he visited. Would Singaporeans agree with him and choose to go for a multi party system in the next election? Many critics may disagree with Hsien Loong and the PAP. That is their views and their rights to disagree. It is also the PAP's and Hsien Loong's right to choose what he thinks is best for Singapore. It is also his right to disagree with his critics and the opposition. This is something that the people must live with. This is a contest of ideas and political beliefs. The opposition and the critics of the govt have all their rights to champion an alternative system. And the ruling party, being voted to govern, has the prerogative to rule as it deems fit. And the people shall decide which is best for them during the election.


Anonymous said...

Singapore is too cold to have two sets of frontbenchers from opposing parties earning million dollar salaries.

Anonymous said...

it would appeared that the govt has got the right to do anything they think is right and also they are always right

Anonymous said...

They have that right because you imbecellic Singaporeans gave them that right.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

if you keep calling people names, eventually the name will be associated with you.

just curious, are you a member of the team sent out to deface, disrupt and discredit blogs and forums?

Anonymous said...

Why, cannot accept the truth is it ? The truts really hurts, doesn't it ?