poor sitoh and eric, a little consolation

Poor Sitoh and Eric After the postmortem the PAP has concluded that all that they had done in Hougang and Potong Pasir will not work. And poor Sitoh and Eric had sweated for 4 long years, pulling every trick out of thier bags and still failed. You cannot blame them for being dejected and a sense of helplessness. Green and fresh faces appeared, come and go into Parliament. Some walking in without having to say a word practically, walkover. And these two workhorses, smelt of sweat, hands callous through preparing and serving porridges, could only resigned to their corners, embarassed and empty handed. It is not an easy feeling to know that they are heading to a dead end while others could waltz into Parliament effortlessly. It is only proper that they be rewarded with a GRC seat in the next election. For sheer effort, they deserve a seat in Parliament provided by the PAP through train.


Socaps said...

Poor soul! The two sacrificial lambs, Eric and Sitoh had to bear the ignonimy of two consecutive election defeats depite being portrayed as de facto MPs for nearly ten years.
The latest defeats were more humiliating for SM Goh because he was specially assigned to wrest the two constituencies from the incumbents. In reality he was a de facto candidate in Potong Pasir and Hougang; and it was a personal defeat for him.
For Eric and Sitoh, do not despair. They will likely be awarded consolation prizes of a 'tumpang' in the GRCs and Eric will likely have the honor of being the oldest firstterm 'orang tumpang'in the GRC.

redbean said...

they must have felt quite sore after all these years of hardwork while greenies appeared everywhere.

poor guys.

relatively they are better off as the next round they will be in. compare to those from the opposition, there is no tumpang.