no kidding

I find this very interesting. It is reported in the paper that MICA is disputing IHT's comment that PAP is losing popularity because of the 66.6% votes. On the other hand PAP is claiming that it is the best result since 1980, except for the election after 911. Who is right? It is like a glass half full and half empty. Both parties arguing their position vehemently. One insisting that it is half empty and the other refusing to concede and claimed that it is half full. Does it really matter as the election is all over. And whether it is gaining more popularity or losing popularity, only the next election will tell. At best it is like the guy staring at the mirror and proclaiming himself that he is so good looking. And he is very happy by believing it to be so. Don't laugh. The is serious matter.


Mickell said...

The Opposition, especially The Workers' Party, has fielded quite a number of credible candidates with substance this time round. However they are still outnumbered by the "good" men of PAP. Nevertheless, this imbalance shall definitely shrink even further in the next general elections :)

redbean said...

that's very true. after this round many will come forward to join the opposition. and the young people who stood for election this time will also be more matured and more experienced.

they will then have a little age on their side too: )

your little boy sure looks pretty. oops, good looking.