new kid on the block

The latest revelation of who are in the party in Shanghai, attending the SCO conference is a startling development as far as the Americans are concerned. It is a diplomatic coup of sort by the Russians and the Chinese to win over the support of the East Asian and Middle eastern countries, including India. Several Middle eastern countries with Iran standing out prominently, is going to raise hell in Washington. The outsiders, the outcasts, the push arounds, have found a platform and supporters to bolster their cases against the domineering Americans. They are now not alone. A small insignificant grouping, starting with the Shanghai 6, it has morphed into a giant, as big as NATO, to be a counter weight against the pushy Americans. Its rapid growth in stature and influence in international politics are more a result of the push factor from the US. The SCO got the Americans to thank for their rising influence and importance in world politics. A new world order is shaping up.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, you're still as delusional as ever.

redbean said...

the good thing about the anonymity in a blog is that everyone here is judged by what they post. no need to use titles like king, prince, professor etc

how mature or naive a blogger is, his intention, etc are all in his post.

and i must say that this blog is different from other blogs only because the bloggers are quite decent and proper in their discussions and refrain from name callings like in other blogs.

the quality of a blog depends on the quality of the bloggers. and i hope more good bloggers will post and share their views here.

Anonymous said...

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