the myth

I am going to start this new thread and see how long it can run by looking at all the myths in our little island. I will also be considering another serial-like thread on the legendary figures too. This latter thread will be on the supernatural power of our super talents, that we have plenty to boast, and their extraordinary pursuits and achievements. Let me first start with this mythical thread and forumers shall also feel free to add in their own myths here. These are book material. Myth 1. I heard this before, many times, and many of you too. I just heard it over the weekend. It goes like this. Singaporeans can vote for the opposition, but must not change the govt. Changing the govt will bring disasters to Singapore. How is that? The opposition is assumed to be men of lower calibre and abilities. And their objectives is to bring instability to the country and to destroy it. Of course, because of their lesser abilities, they will not be able to run the country. And all the foreign investors will be so frighten that they will pack up their investments and run. All foreign investors love our one party system and also think that Singapore cannot have a multi party system. Singapore can only continue to exist under the able leadership of the ruling party, comprising able men of high integrity, honesty and incorruptibility. No other party, now or in the future, can ever produce the same kind of quality people the ruling party is producing. Associated with this Myth 1 is Myth 2. Myth 2 proclaimed that a one party govt, better still, a 100% one party govt is the best kind of govt, at least for Singapore. Having oppositions in Parliament is bad. The Singapore govt will function at its best without any opposition members. Singaporeans should put all their faith and trust in one political party, which is infallible forever. And this myth, oops, this truism has been proven over the years and will not fail.

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