myth 3

Hougang and Potong Pasir are the two strongholds of opposition parties. And the residents there are staunch supporters of the opposition or are anti PAP. The truth is that they are all strong supporters of the PAP. They voted for the opposition just to have an opposition voice in Parliament. Just look at the queues for the abalone and sharks fin porridge will tell the true story. If they are anti PAP they will not attend PAP functions. The people have principles. What a myth!


Mickell said...

Does that make them 2-headed snakes. On the surface, they appear to support PAP. But during elections, they vote for the opposition.

Whatever it is, we need the opposition to check on the governing party :)

redbean said...

animals are animals. people are people. they all do for their personal interests. and they can do this and say that. that's very human. and depending on the situation or what hat they are wearing, they can tell the biggest lie or most nonsensical thing which they would not do or say if they are really truthful to themselves.


would you believe that intelligent people in the ruling party will tell you that there is no need for an opposition? and they said this is for the good of the people and country?