myth 25

This myth has been on the lips of many people for a long time. There have been rumours and speculations that the PAP has at least two factions competing for dominance, one led by Choktong and another by Hsienloong. And many hope, and have been hoping still, that a split in the party will see two equally balanced parties coming out of it which is good for Singapore, something that Singapore really needs. But all these hopes were in vain. The PAP remain as united as a party as ever. Choktong was elevated as the SM like LKY and behaves like LKY did when he was a SM, taking orders from the PM. The PM is the undisputed captain of the team and decides who should do what. The best example recently was the dispatch of Choktong to Potong Pasir and Hougang which Choktong did like a good soldier. That is party discipline and conduct which should be enough to dispel the thought of a party divided. Maybe after Hsienloong, as for now there is no way that the party can split into two factions. Hsienloong is too strongly entrenched in his position as the PM and with a new team and the summary retirement of some old guards would make his position doubly secured. And dissidents within the party, if any, will now be too small a force to make any impact and splitting is no longer a viable option.


Anonymous said...

with despot around, who dares to split? skarly kanna trump-up charges such as trying to subvert the government etc type of bull shits and then get detain by ISD. is it a worthy cause to sacrifice your freedom, reputation, wealth, potential loss of income etc when you are near retirement? even if you can forgo all the above, you should only attempt this when despot has gone to meet his maker.

Anonymous said...

there is just no impetus for a split in the PAP. Their policy has always been co-option. their screening process is very rigorous and they only accept people they are confident will be team players(read toe the party line) and not boat-rockers. Such an environment is not conducive for any breakaway faction to take shape.

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