myth 21

'Singapore is not a homogeneous society' I always say this. We are pluralistics, multi racial, multi cultural and multi religious. But this is now a myth. Hsien Loong said we are a homogeneous society, a society that has been mixed and integrated into one. 'In Singapore, we have 84 constituencies, but basically they are all more or less the same. you don't have a rural area, a city area. You don't have a very working class area versus a very upmarket area. We have made sure you don't have a Malay area or Indian constituency or Chinese constituency.' Hsien Loong said.


Mickell said...

Whether we are pluralist or homogenous greatly depends on our point of view. Many of truths in life we cling on to, greatly depend on our point of view. We are homogeneous in certain ways. But we also multi-cultural, multi-religious in certain ways.

redbean said...

that's true. when everyone knows that one party govt is a dangerous option in the long run, there will be arguments to say that it is good too.

Anonymous said...

who is miniLEE kidding?

malays are NOT allowed in sensitive units in the saf NOR important positions in the cabinet such as finance, defense and home-affairs.