more high paying jobs for singaporeans

Toilet Specialist is a novel and innovative way of creating jobs for the oldies that are no longer worthy of their existence in our young society. And to train them in a polytechnic and getting a diploma in toilet fineries will put them in good stead for many more useful years in jobs that Singaporeans shunned. I can immediately see the potential of these specialists. We can export them as foreign talents to countries like China or India or other Asian and Southeast Asian states to teach them how to manage their toilets and raise their standard of public hygiene. The Indonesians and Phillippines export their domestic helps, we can export our uncles and aunties, oops, I mean Toilet Specialists, armed with diplomas to lend them more weight in what they say or do. This is a second career for retired bankers, managers, engineers etc who are no longer employable in our young and vibrant society. They could eventually contribute another source of foreign exchange to our economy, a kind of a second wind. We have done another first.


Anonymous said...

With India, China, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia providing a viryually limitless supply of young workers, the future for the over 40s certainly doesn't look too bright. Singapore is unique in this respect due to its over-liberal immigration policies. In most other countries, employers do not have that much leeway to import young foreign workers. Hence, they have to look at their own resident population. What will happen to our deemed over-the-hill mature workers ? Obvioulsy the number of vacancies for toilet specialists is not unlimited as well. Food for thought, redbean.

redbean said...

i think many ideas have been floating around on how best to sideline our mature workers that are unemployable. retirement village is one. exporting them as specialists is a possibility. keeping them as specialists is already an accepted scheme. we have so many public toilets and one specialist is attached for 10 toilets, we should be able to employ quite a number of them.

the other option i suggested is to let them be quitters, give up citizenship, take out all their cpf and medisave, sell their flats and migrate. this last condition is compulsory so that they will not become parasites to feed on our expensive and world class healthcare system.