a little warmth, a little kindness, a little hope

Last Sat's article on the plight of the disadvantaged youth and families must have dealt quite an emotional blow to many readers and the elicited many to write to the ST forums for more help for these children at the fringe of society. We have a $500 million Comcare. Good. But how is this administered? I am not saying that this is badly administered. I only hope that the fund is not there to make sure that the poor can have just enough to eat and tie over for the next few days or months. Our govt can do more. There are enough money and resources to do that little more to make the lives of these children at the fringe that more bearable. A little warmth, a little kindness, and a little hope. A Margaret Louis asked, 'What are we going to do about poverty problem?' It is not simply giving them some food and financial assistance. Another forumers suggested a surrogate family system for the better off children pairing off with the less fortunate. The idea along this kind of thinking means taking this problem a step further. More thoughts can be put into it to offer these kids what children of a normal family would enjoy. The simple joy of parents being around, a little birthday present, a small little treat of having dinner at a foodcourt or an outing. Some of these dysfunctional families would never experience such simple joy of a normal family. More can be done to give some meaning to these pathetic children and families.

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