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its here, taxi fares going up

Ahhh finally it is here, taxi fares are going up. With the prices of oil shooting skyhigh, how can taxi fares remain unaffected. It is only natural and something of a must happen. Next on the line will be bus fares and mrt fares. Another two natural comrades. And don't forget school buses. Oh yes, electricity bills. Sure must go up. This means that all business cost must go up as their electricity bills must surely go up. And what do all these means, everything is gonna go up. Perhaps, maybe, or hopefully, some wise genius can bring down the price of oil. And I thought I remember some people said they can do that. Definitely not Chiam or Low Thia Khiang. What is interesting is to know that tariff rates are pegged at a higher future price. This means the rate used to price today's power rate is higher than today's oil price. How clever. How not to make profit.? This is the beauty of being privatised. Just care about how much to make and ensure that the system or methodology favours the bottom line and not the pocket of the consumers. Three cheers to privatisation. I only hope that no smart alec is going to say, since oil prices are going to go higher in the future, lets prepare the people for higher oil prices and price the power bill to some future price of oil say at $100. Then the people will know how to save or conserve the usage of electricity at home.


Anonymous said...

The floodgates have opened. Brace yourself for more hikes. More good years indeed. Heil PAP.

redbean said...

this year we shall celebrate price increases in all areas. i think this is good. the govt cannot subsidise the cost of everything. we will become a welfare state and that is very dangerous.

look at what is happening to those western welfare states, the countries are crumbling under a mountain of welfare debt.

we must always manage with a surplus. inefficiency must be wiped off.

Anonymous said...

Come off it, redbean. DId you expect anything less ? This has been a proven trend before where price increases always start immediately after the pappies get returned to power. Really, this is a non-event.

redbean said...

i got amnesia lah.

Anonymous said...

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