how to live with such a nightmare?

I am not sure how many of you are following the murder of the two SAF scholars by another SAF scholar in Sydney. But I cannot help but feel so outraged and painful over the way the two promising young man were battered to their violent death. I may have prematurely made a judgement on the accused. But all the facts and evidences put up so far have already told a story of guilt. And the brutality of it all, in contrast to the image of civility, honesty and innocence of the accused is just too much to bear. And to read the paper today, describing how cruel the murderer was and how he bashed at the poor victims repeatedly, and how the murderer's father patted him on the head and said, 'Don't worry, God bless you, my son,' make a mockery of all things good and righteous. I would like to be proven wrong, and that Ram Tiwary is innocent and had nothing to do with the brutal murder of his two room mates. And should he be found guilty, let there be no mercy to such a vicious person who caused to much pain and grief to his victims and their families. And he sat there in the dock, a face of an angel, without any remorse...for the two dead men whom he knew and were his friends, and their parents and grieving wives.


redbean said...

'If I had a gun, I would have shot him. If they let me near him, I would punch him. They can throw me in jail...I don't care.'

Quote from Tan Wee Sea, father of murder victim Tony Tan Poh Chuan.

Can anyone feel the pain and grief of a father knowing how his beloved son was bludgeoned to death?

redbean said...

the murderer's father patted him on the head and said, 'Don't worry, God bless you, my son,'

there is no good reason to bludgeon two young men to such a horrific death. only a beast can do such a thing.

would god bless such a beast? it is so sickening.

Anonymous said...

No mercy ? You're kidding right. This is Australia we're talking about. They don't have the death penalty. I'm willing to wager, at worst he'll only get 5 years, with possibility of parole after 3.

redbean said...

i dare not take your bet. as you say, this is australia. he might get off scot free by pleading insanity or schizophrenia.

Anonymous said...

dont be foolled by the prosecutions case. If you are REALLY FOLLOWING THIS case you will realise there is NO EVIDENCE. Be aware corruption and lies are very well known in the australian federal police.

redbean said...

i must admit that i am not familiar with how corrupt the australian legal system is. and yes, it is all circumstantial evidence.

today the prosecution did talk about the inconsistencies and the 2 hour lapse, hiding in the room, before calling police. the killing and beating took place twice over a 2 hour period and our brave commando was so chicken that he hid in his room.

and the prosecution rightly pointed out that there was no reason for him to be so frightened that he had to hide to save his life. anyone would have come out to take a look to find out what was happening. but he already knew that it was a brutal killing happening outside his room!

his lies should be enough to convict him. but if he got away from this, then god must have blessed him, like his father said.

and the way he finished off the two with the knife to the necks could have been taught during commando training.

Anonymous said...

would you be rushing outside if you heard a guy ur friend screaming outside your bedroom.. YEEAHHH RITE !!!! ud SHIT YOUR PANTS!!! you would do exactly what he did..lock you self in your bedroom. No matter what trainig you have..whether it be army of any sort of martial arts..your brain NEVER ACTS in a serious sitiuation compared to normal everyday life.

BTW the police asre bullshitting their way thru this case, they dont lose nothing out of this except getting a great bonus promotion..Like they give shit they are locking up an innocent person. If he was soooooo guilty why did it take them almost 2 yrs to charge him. Because they have nothing on him. no REAL EVIDENCE. While trhe real killer or killers are pissing themselves laughing now and an innocent person is taking his crap.

You ONLY SEE and HEAR what the prosecuton wants you to hear. The facts that make him innocent are shushed . I have seen that.

redbean said...

no matter what, lets have some respect for a commando. they are the cream of a fighting force. no chicken can become a commando officer. This guy is 6 ft tall, tough and well trained.

the commotion inside his flat could be his two little flatmates fighting, logically. there is no reason for his balls to shrink like a sissy. and funny his bat was not with him.

like the prosecution said, he could not see thru the wall to know that a killer/killers were attacking his mates. why did he assumed that to be so?

first killing till 2nd killing separated by 2 hours. after first commotion died, he did totally nothing but hid in his room n waited for 2nd commotion before peeping? logical?

anyone who is frightened would have call the police immediately after the first commotion. but he was asleep. he was frightened and blockaged himself in his room. which is true?

his lies were so full of holes.

but he may be acquitted. the police even lost his video taped interview. can you beat that? it is like the cia fumbling in the wmd info on iraq.

redbean said...

it seems that the accused is a foreign talent.

redbean said...

Yes he is guilty.

"Dressed in a suit and tie, Tiwary did not show any emotion as he was convicted fo murder..." The Daily Telegraph.

Did he feel any remorse over the lives and hopes that he had shattered and the painful memories that will stay on with the loved ones of the two dead men he bludgeoned to death? And they were his room mates, army mates. And all for a few thousand dollars.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the jury must of been uneducated people to have chosen that verdict. I hope that this day haunts them for the rest of their lives that they have convicted an innocent person.