hi all the anonymous bloggers

i am getting quite a number of bloggers using the nick anonymous, and often i am confused with who i am talking to. for easier reference, could you fellas use some nicks, anything. call yourself sun, moon, stars, flowers etc. it will make chatting easier. many thanks. and welcome cherche and alex. thanks for the views. we are all hear to chat and all of us have different views. some very extreme, some funny, some unique, some cheekly, cynical, etc etc. that's how to make a blog interesting. lets have more varieties and differences in looking at things. it adds colour to our discussion. because of the nature of blogs, sometimes i may miss out posts that were too far back. i apologise for that if i did not reach them and reply. that's the reason why i started www.redbeanforum.com. it is easier to retrieve messages as new post will be pull up and easily recognised. please feel free to post there as well.


redbean said...

my apologies cherche and alex. can't find your last posts.

Anonymous said...

i don't use anonymous for nothing. it is precisely because i want to remain anonymous that i used the nick anonymous and i have a very good reason for doing that....and NO, i'm not going to reveal the reason. :(

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

in a blog we are all anonymous. whether we are known as apollo or zeus, we are still anonymous.

but doesn't matter. everyone shall feel free to be what he is as long as he is comfortable.

cyberspace is a place for freedom, for the free spirits. no compulsion or coercion for anyone to be anything that he does not want to be.

mine is just a suggestion. your wish shall be respected.

abao said...

Hmm...if you ask me, I actually prefer to post here than in RedBeanForum. It has a more relaxing feel than the Forum.

redbean said...

i know abao.

there is another problem about using a blog. i need to search backwards to find new posts. and often i missed them. it is a bit of a tedious.

i try my best to reply to a post and i might miss them unintentionally.

actually i thought after a few months i could close down this blog. unfortunately i can't and got to keep it going. so i am stuck with two sites.

doesn't matter. but i would like more younger people to come in and express themselves. just toss their ideas around for fun.

Anonymous said...

Cherche stipulates:
Younger people? That would be me then :) It's alright if you lost my post. I have difficulty tracking down where I last posted my comments so I can read your replies too. Don't abrogate this site-- I like it. Do you by any chance know of other sites/forums similar to this one which deal with world politics or the politics of a different country?

P.S. Coincidentally my nick means 'search'.

redbean said...

hi chercheyou may try soc.cul or ypap forum. both listed in my link. but be prepared for a lot of obscenities and vulgarities as well as personal attacks.

i like more young people to be active and post their views as well. the next generation should be more vocal as the future is theirs to make. the future belongs to them and people like your generation.