helping third world countries

Corruption is a dirty word used in whatever context. Even mentioning it will draw ire from those who think it is meant for their ears. Corruption generally happens in third world countries or badly managed countries. When we are talking to third world countries, or trying to advise them on how to beat the plague of corruption in their countries, it may be better if the word corruption is not mentioned. We may talk to them about how to cap the income of their civil servants. Everyone works, in whatever capacity, to make a living. All the civil servants in the third world countries is no exception. They also have the same aspiration and motivation of developed countries' civil servants. And they want to earn more to live a better life. But they find it very difficult to raise their official salaries and thus have to resort to other modes of income, officially or unofficially, legally or illegally. It is a case of lack of ingenuity to justify how to pay themselves well. Basically all they need to do is to cap corruption among their civil servants to an acceptable level and make it legal and transparent. After that, put them on a firing squad if they resort to corruption again. It is a carrot and stick solution, and important to make it transparent and understood. The only headache is to determine their appetite.

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