a familiar problem

'(the people) now make a living selling houses to each other, financing the deals with mortgages. The XXX scandal that recently shook the financial community is a clear symbol of the greed that has become an insidious problem even for large, publicly owned corporations. While companies shared increasing profits with their employees previously, those have become a burden and more and more jobs are moved outside the country to lower costs. Income inequality is on the rise, boosted by incessant tax cuts for the rich. the por are staying poor and the present administration makes few efforts to take care of the weaker deciles of the population as govt inaction before.....' The description above is very familiar. It is actually written by Emanuel Shahaf and is in the Today paper. He was actually describing the American and their economies and the Enron scandal. By removing the specifics, it is applicable to many countries. It is a problem started and created by the Americans and eagerly copied by young blue eye boys around the world.


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